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tv   Special Joint Rec and Park Planning Commission  SFGTV  October 2, 2015 12:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> i would like to remind the members of the public that the commission does not tolerate any disruption or outbursts of any kind, please silence the cell phones, if you care to state your name for the record. >> i would like to take roll. >> woning. >> here. >> wu. >> here. >> antonini. >> here. >> hillis. >> here. >> johnson. >> here. >> moore. >> here. >> richards. >> here. >> and for the recreation and park commission. >> buell. >> here. >> low. >> here. >> lef. and mcdonnell have an excused absence. >> thank you, commissioners. under your special calendar, please note that the joint commissions will hold one public hearing for the public
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to provide testimony on all items listed below, including consideration of whether to certificate the eir. following the public hearing, the planning commission will consider action on certificating the final impact report and the recreation and park commission will act jointly to consider raising the shadow limit for the park, and the recreation commission will consider making a recommendation to the planning commission, regarding the possible, adverse effect on the park, and following action on those items. the recreation and park commission will adjourn. and the planning commission will remain in session, and separately consider, action on all other entitlements. item one, case number 2011.0409 eat 925, mission street and various parcels known as the 5 m project. certification of the
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environmental impact report, please note that the public hearing is closed. the public comment period for the draft ier ended on january, 7, 2015, the public comment will be received when the item is called during the hearing. however, comments submitted may not be included in the final eir. this will be a planning commission action, only. items 2 a, b, c, and d, for case number 2011.0409 env well i should, continue, to efg hijklmnopand q. for case numbers 2011.0409
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env/cua/dva will ber ofa/map/pca/shd, and the considerations under the california, environmental act and this is a planning commission action, only. and adoption of finding of consistency, and a planning commission action only. discussion and possible joint action by the planning commission and the recreation and park commission to raise the shadow limit for thal fred apark and a joint action. discussion and possible action by the recreation and park commission to adopt a resolution to recommend to the planning commission that the new shadow cast on the park, by the proposed project at 925 mission street will not be adverse to the use of the park by required by planning section code, 295, this will be a recreation and park commission action only, following items 2, a, b cand d, the rec and park will adjourn and the planning commission will remain in
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session to consider, 2 e through q. which are, consider upon the recommendations of the recreation and park commission, whether the new net shadow cast on the project by the park will be adverse to the use of the park and to authorize the allocation of the cumulative shadow limit, fourth park to the project. general plan amendments of the various maps and figures within the downtown plan, the urban design element and the south of market area plan. zoning text and amendments and the zoning map amendment as well as height reclassification, approval of the design for development, document. and approval of a, development agreement. and please note that pursuant to the san francisco administrative code, section 56 hpt 34, the director of planning has received and accepted a complete application of the amendment for the agreement which is available for review by the public at the planning department.
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in the case file, 2011.049 dba, allocation of the square footage under the annual limitation program. >> allocation of the square footage again, under the annual office, development program. and several condition at use authorizations. for the public, you will be afforded one three-minute, comment period, for all of the aforementioned items. >> president fong and president buell and the members of the planning and parks commission, good morning, dan with the planning department. i am going to give you just a brief overview of this project, and then frame the next 30 or
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so minutes with respect to the staff and sponsor presentation to give you an idea of the information that we would like you to see. if we could have the screen please. as you can see on the monitor, here is the project site and it is on the eastern roughly third of the block, founded by mission, how ward, and fifth and 60 6th and it is about four acre site. and it is as you know, a project of scale. the project itself as members of the planning commission know, contains a little fewer than 700 dwelling units and more than 800,000 square feet of office space and about an acre of open space and three new buildings that range in height from 250 to 400 feet, and it also features the preservation of some what iconic building and the
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historic kemalin building and the preservation of the examiner building, including the bridge over ministry to a limited ex-at extent. >> this image that you see on the screen is a big picture, overview, simply of the physical, and the program land use, and it involves a agreement and the public benefit package and we will talk about that later in this morning's hearing. there is a significant history to this project, that some of you are aware and that conversation between the developer and the city began in 2008 and you will see on today's agenda that the case number for these items is a 2011 case number. and that is indicative of when our formal review process began. and as you can see on this screen, today is the fifth public hearing at the planning commission on the 5 m project.
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what we are going to do is have the members of the city staff, and both recreation and parks and along with the sponsors team speak to the 6 major topic area that you can see on the screen right now. i will not read those off in the interest of time. we are going to aim to be as succinct as possible to lead the time for you to discuss this and for the public to comment on this. so first off, commissioners, we are very fortunate today, to be joined by kevin guy, the member of the planning commission as you know, kevin very recently left the planning department staff, just about two weeks ago. for other employment, with the city family. and kevin has been involved in this project for 7 years from the start. he has immense wealth of knowledge on where this has been. and on the technical aspect and the nuts and bolts if you will and he has generously offered to spend a few minutes of his time here with us today to run you through the actions required, and what might come next from a process perspective at the board of supervisors and
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elsewhere. so with that i will turn it over to kevin. >> thank you, mr. cider, i am kevin, guy, formally the planning staff and the planner for the project. and he gave a thorough explanation of all of the various agenda items and there are i am sure that you are aware an unusual large number of action items on today aagenda maybe just to recap and clarify a little bit of roles of the respectful commissioners here and the recreation and the park and planning commissions are sitting jointly to take the items to shadow a park and so one of the items will be a joint action to like the raising of what is commonly recovered to as a shadow budget or the amendment for the park. and then, the recreational park commission will act separately to make a recommendation of the planning commission if that
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shadow will be adverse, followed by the planning commission on the same question and take action on whether or not they believe that the shadow cast by the project will be adverse. the other clarification that i just wanted to make is that should the planning commission, rec mepd approval of the general plan amendments and the zoning text and map amendments and the development agreement that these items will fob warded to the land use committee and full board of supervisors for the further consideration. so i am here to answer any other questions on the project. that you may have and the questions on the mechanics or the specifics of the action. he will be discussing the environmental impact report. thank you. >> good morning, commissioners michael and the environmental planning staff. as noted by the secretary, that before you is a certification of a final environmental report for the proposed 5 m project at 925 mission street and various
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parcels. the draft eir for this project was published on october 14, in 2014, and held on november, 24th, and the dir public comment closed on january 7th and the response to the comments was distributed. subsequent to the submital, it they have notified a few typoand this is the parcel number and references to the draft of the eir and notice of availability and some of the limited text insures that clarify the impacts whether these are projector cumulative impacts and we meet most of the objectives that avoid and reduce and eliminate the project, and the four alternatives include the no project, and the unified zoning
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alternative and the preservation, and since the draft eir, they have indicated that the project description based on the office proposal no longer constitutes the preferred project. it is now the revised project which is similar to the preservation. and in the comments, document, 12 and 13 pages and the physical effects are based on a number of studies prepared for the draft eir and include the subject areas of the wind and transportation and noise. and compared to the impacts, and evaluated the revised project will avoid the impact of the resources by avoiding the building at 430 street, and the unavoidable effects as those to related to the construction and the intersection and levels of service and the conditions will remain. commissioners the evaluation of the response to comments,
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revised project does not signify any new significant impact or indicate the severe increase and no other alternatives or feasible measures that will lessen the impacts will be for the publication of the dir, therefore the commission will need to adopt it pursuant to sequa, should you choose to approve it as revised. in addition to documenting the project, it also chronicles all of the public comments to the environmental review, submitted on the draft eir and the draft has responded to those concerns and the staff recommends that you adopt the motion that certificates the contents of the report are adequate and complete and that the procedures through which the final eir was prepared comply with the provisions of sequa and the guidelines. this concludes my presentation, and i am available for questions.
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thank you. >> hello, i am -- and we are the urban designer for the 5 m project and i am going to give you a summary presentation of a little bit of the background on the project and the requirements that helped to fulfill the vision. >> the project the work on the project began 7 years ago with the first workshop with the community in 2009. in 2011, we shared the first full description of the masting and the heights and filed the eea at that time. and then we pursued the sequa process and the technical study as a result of that and began on the project, particularly swapping the location of a certain and two parcels to respond to improving the wind conditions and then in more
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recent times we have been working more deeply in the last two years with the city to take that input in and again, come to a revised project more recently than you have seen where we may increase in the ground and so throughout the 7 years it has been a pretty thoughtful process of study. and summerizing in all, 160 meetings and 130 since the initial study, in 2013. over all, we began the project and continue this project. not just to manage the many constraints of this site but also to actually do something great, there are a number of goals and goals around creating the phenomenal public open space that really can relate to the historic buildings that are there and also connecting with the fabric and really celebrating the alley ways that are part of soma and creating this transition between downtown and the lower rise
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buildings that are adjacent to the west. and creating safe and walkable areas. and expanding, you know, the public realm and creating a compelling architecture and all of this alongside and the physical aspects and along the project benefit aspects such as affordable contributing the 33 percent affordable housing as part of the over all project. >> as a transition site that is really at the core of this project and in this site that it is in this, specific location, between downtown and as we go, into kind of a dip in the sky line, before van ess and market and that at the heart of the planning. one of the big ideas of this project was to push density in to kind of consolidated moments in order to clear the ground and create more open space and protect the historic buildings and so we are up zoning in order to down zone, and half of the site is up zoned and half
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is down zoned. as a said before, the design grew out of the context and also how to experience buildings. so what it means to experience a building from near and from this tamerlan means from far, they come from the fabric of looking at the street spine and the rhythm that we saw in the open spaces and the buildings that continues down mission. and then, more specifically, the chronicle building and the old mint as these two anchors and then how we could draw through and play off the alleys in addition to the circulation that happens on the main street and fifth and mission and howard to create this protected and unique, open space that is also, connected wither clearly to an open space on the roof top. >> so, some examples of that, that go alongside with a number of requirements around the ground, because that is essential that for the open spaces to work well and it has to be a part of the fabric of the city to work well. here you can see the example of the residential building on mission street across from the chronicle and the ground floor
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there and north mary street which is the pedestrian only to link from mission street into the public, and the public spaces. and then a view of the interior where it is down zoned and it creates a lower rise experience. how is all of that guaranteed? the design for development and you will see that there are a number of requirements for the ground floor and the activity of the ground floor and the transparency of the ground floor that there is no office permitted on the ground floor of any of the buildings exception for the new construction and the hd building and there is a minimum for the height and the open space and the requirement for the open space and the location of the open space and the process for the open space. as well as programming, and over all shared public ways for the streets surrounding the open space. >> and additionally, as part of the d, for d, we have requirements on the public art and encouraging public art and finding in the public realm.
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and that is paired with thinking about how we can connect over all to the fabric and these, improvements are required by the da. and so improvements on mission street in particular on 6th street as well as the street and the safety improvements around mission and fifth. and in terms of the height and the density, as i mentioned we have kind of consolidated this. and we can see that this is a site plan that shows the three new construction buildings the one on mission and then on howard and fifth. and these, were developed out of a long process and process of pdsing how the public realm could work and how do we think on the height of the sky line and thinking about the corridor from the powell, street and the per veiling winds that want the building to step as they go south as well as how the sun will work on the open space and transitioning from the larger streets and putting the height on the larger streets and transitioning to the interior and to the west. so you see the examples here of
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this, and you can see the n1, residential tower and you can see it in a model that we have here and a larger and a smaller scale that we can pass around. but the n1, residential, tower which is showing that height, pressed to the largest street. and also, creating the peak in the sky line. you can see how that is junx opposed and the camera line building which is the far theft on the left and you can see it from the distance at 7th and mission and how that starts to yaoe ate the relationship of these two towers. >> as you have recede from over all on the sky line you start to see how the whole form works together and that is guaranteed for the dand d and there is down zoning that protects the spaces and specifies the height that is permitted and also additional requirements that
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talk about how this can be done and the height differentiation, and even in the single building, as well as amist the buildings, and the relationship to the historic context. and all of this is done, so that together, the site planning and the design standards can fulfill this mission that we started with and that we evolved with seven years of study and conversations to create this phenomenal spubl space and for the opportunity for the city and mixed use at a transit and that also maintains the historic and now i am going to hand it over to andy who is going to talk to and give you an additional look through the shadow studies. >> thank you, >> and good morning commissioners my name is andy and i am from the project sponsored team and i am going to play a short, informational video that i am going to introduce with a couple of breathe slides. >> the park as you know is a
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few blocks north of the 5 m project just on the other side of market street. these photos of the raised terrace where the shadow by them would fall in the early mornings and in the winter and early fall. at the commission's request we are going to play a video of the shadow effect. and the project sponsor team on an informational basis but nose as part of the requirements. >> >> before i start the video, the project design and general
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assumptions for this study are consistent with those made in the sequa study, the intent is to help the viewers understand the extent and movement of the new shadow on the boedecker park nthis video it is outlined in yellow and the dark shape to the back of the park is the raised lapped scaped that you just saw in the previous photo. new shadows caused by them will be in blue and all other shadows will be in gray, and i will play it a couple of times and i will show you the relevant stills from the video that call out the shadow. >>
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>> i will just play that one more time. >> commissioners i am boeing to walk through the video with the shadow call out in a whiteout line. >> so the blue shadow falls just before 8:00 a.m. and ends around 8:00.
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and 7:48 you can see the sliver in the corner of the park, 7:50, 7:52, and 7:55 and the shadow is no longer on the park just around 8:00. the rest of the day proceeds without that new 5:00 a.m. shadow. >> this concludes my portion of the presentation. and i believe staff from recreation and park will follow. >> >> good moerpg, commissioners my name is jordan and i am with the recreation and parks department and i am here for talk about the shadows and you
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have already received a lot of information about the shadows so i will keep it brief. my colleague, kevin guy, provided the background for you as to what the actions are for you today so i will not give you a background about that. i will just jump into -- a little bit more, or less sophisticated version of what you just saw. so here is another version of where the project is relative to boedeker park and you are familiar with the design of the project already. so here is a close up of the facilities at the park. and it was recently reopened after renovation in 2014. and i will show you with this next slide what was just illustrated to us, the area, of shadow effect within boedecker is in the garden area and the exit gate.
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so this slide is showing you the summary of the technical analysis that is in your staff report and i will just high height a few key facts and the shadows that occur will occur before, the park is currently opened and the park opens at 9:00 a.m.. and and it is average duration of the shadow is 12 minutes and the larger shadow at any one point is about 1100 square feet. and for the annual effective shadow, the increase in the total available sunshine, and the increase of shadow is 0.00418 percent. so this slide is, restating what i just told you, and showing you where the shadow is relative to the park features on this eladministration. and that is my presentation and i am available for any questions. >> thank you.
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>> good morning, commissioners, ann topia, project manager in the office of economic and workforce development. i know that this is the fifth time that we have been in front of you with this project so i apologize if it is repetitive but i do want to give you an up date on the project benefits on the development agreement for the 5 m project and hopefully clear up the mechanics of how the da protects the community benefit. the development agreement, is a legally binding contract between the city and the developer that grants, vested rights to the developer for the term of the da, which in this case is 15 years in return, the city is able to negotiate the public benefits both physical and financial that the developer would not otherwise be required to provide urged the existing zoning once the approval by this commission and the other commissioners and the
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board of supervisors have been granted and the developer may then move forward to implement this project. if at any point, they should sell one or more of the parcels within the project site, all of the entitlements and conditions and controls and obligations run with the land, any of the developers taking on the role of one or more also take on the physical and the design elements as well as the elements of the approved pro-jek. for for any reason, by them or any other developer who takes control of the site wants to make the modifications or the development agreement, and they will be required to reappear, in front of this commission, followed by the board's supervisors to request the new approvals of those changes, in other words, any changes to the development agreement, to the dfor d, or the sud that are not in the approved project will have to go through the same process all over again. >> i would like to remind of you how we derived the fee structure for the over all
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project. it is mostly located in the downtown district and it is 100 percent, privately financed on four acres of privately owned land, in order for the benefits required to build up the site, we look to the best impact structure that we have available which is the transit district plan because it generates the greatest fees for the high-rise structures it is required to pay, 100 percent of the base fees, generated by the fee structure, which generates 61.7 million dollars and is represented in blue. >> and the purple circle represents the overlay of the 11.8 million in the transit district fees, and using the da we combine the total contribution of over 73 million, $500,000 and distributing it to the public benefits program illustrated by the completed green pie. >> and the da does not require the project sponsor to build the three new buildings in any of the specific order, each of the building generates the old set of fees and physical obligations as you can see from
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this, the n1, generates the most, and while the specific obligations are tied to the building and cannot be changed the da allows the city to prioritize, the additional of the dollars to cover the needs first, without changing the actual dollar amount owned by the h1 office building, expected to be build first, we expected to use the bulk of the 31 million to cover the gap, at the affordable sight and also acquire the land for the senior parcel on mission street and while making contributions to the open space and arts and other community benefits. >> put simply, the development agreement, addresses the housing need by the affordable housing to be built more quickly. >> and very quickly, this is the list of areas that will benefit from the project and will focus on a few key elements. the affordable housing program creates a total of 212 unit at ami level and will be
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distributed to three separate sites as follows. 58, permanent and non-expiring units in the m1, rental building and 20 percent of the total rental units on site at the affordable rates of 50 percent, ami and 71 units at eddie and taylor street and 83, senior units located a couple of doors down from the site at 967 mission street and all of at fordable housing in 66 with other keeping it a five minute walk. two-thirds of the units are on site or adjacent to the site. >> the project will pay $1.5 million to the downtown open space fee and will also build over an acre of public space on site, including a park, located on mary street and another 22,000, located on the roof top. >> and a major contribution, to the arts and non-profit office
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space is the developer's donation of the 12,000 square foot building to the community arts trust known as cast, and 60 percent of the one percent, arts contribution will be distributed through the arts commission for the expenditure to renovate the building and the remaining 40 percent will be for the grant funding for the public art and programming throughout the 5 m site. >> in addition to the $5.4 million, and the additional contribution of 600,000 to the arts commission to be used for the grants, and for the arts and cultural non-profit, in need of technical assistance or rent stablation. the project dliefrs 1.5 million dollars for workforce programs and these will be used for job readiness and specialized training programs for construction jobs and end users. including participation, in the laborers community training foundation, the project sponsor will wait participate in the program and set the lbe targets
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the project will generate, 1200 construction jobs and permanent full time jobs. >> 3.5 million of the 6.8 million in youth development dhars are above the base line impact fees, these dollars divide into three contributions they include, a $1 million for rec and park to kick off the fund-raising effort to renovate the recreation center and a 1 million dollar contribution, distributed through dcyf, to support the school to be used for after school and the summer programs and the faculty training and development and on site student development and for the expansion and the stabilization and the capital approvements and non-profit organization serving youth and families in the soma neighborhood. >> the total transportation, obligation for the project is 12 million, we have broken this out into two buckets, 8.8 million is the transit fee, or
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tdif which is applied to the city wide projects, the 3.4 million, represents the dollar amount that the project would be required to pay under the transportation, sustainability fee, these dollars will be used by mta to fund the pedestrian and bike and projects in the site including a crosswalk, and the open space, and the project sponsor will maintain a ro bust, program to obligate each building for the ten year period of goals. the project is taken 1 million dollars contribution to the old mint, used for small kail capitol improvement and due diligence in the on term project. and finally i want to remind you that this community benefits package with all of the goals identified by the draft soma plan, i will be
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available for any questions. >> commissioners good afternoon, again, dan with the planning department. i am going to touch just briefly on a couple of planning code issues that have come up over the course of our recent hears. and i am also going to move on to some more late breaking matters. and then we will wrap up the staff and sponsor portion of today's hearing. members of the planning commission, you have heard a
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good deal of conversation. it was effective at the start of 2009 and you can see a map on the screen right now. and very, very roughly, the sud runs from 7th to fourth and this is approximate in between howard and harrison. and the property as you can see, the project site occupies, partially occupies a portion of that sud. this slide, i think is important and i want to call your attention to this. because it describes the full set of controls that are imposed as part of the soma youth and family special youth district. it does two things, number one, on the left-hand side, it does require planning commissioners your conditional use authorization for this subset of uses, liquor stores arcade and bars and restaurant and adult entertainment and nighttime entertainment and movie theater and park and facility and religious facilities. and secondly, as you can see on the right-hand side of the
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slide, it does require and this is with respect only to properties that face only on a mid block alley it does require an enhanced level of affordability. and particularly speaking it requires, trc, affordability for the district. i do think think that it is important that we as a staff be clear that this project is in compliance with the youth and family sud with respect to number one, on the left-hand side of the screen, one of the entitlements you saw today is a conditional use, and with respect to the right half of your screen, number two, the project does provide a level of affordability in excess of what would have been required, under the soma youth and family sud. >> and there is one, last, code issue that i would like to talk about and this is something that we have heard a little bit about the planning commissioners in your recent hearings and this is the difference between the two flavors of our downtown,
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commercial zoning district and the first being c3 o and s and where this project is situated at least in the large part. and the first, that you can see on the screen is perhaps the most significant. it is the far limits, and the floor air ratio limits which are higher in the c3 o than on the c3 s, i think that it is important to mention that the city is transferable development scheme along with other zoning and incentive and they do minimize, the differences in the allowable fars between the two districts. the second thing and frankly the only other thing that i am going to call out on this particular slide is the second bullet point, which is that the land use controls in these two districts for housing and office are identical. the land use controls in this district or in these two districts are identical for housing and office. and for the two bullets that don't relate to the 5 m project and we can talk about this of course if you would like.
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>> members of the planning commission that you will recall at your september third, informational hearing, which was our last hearing on the 5 m project. and potential displacement was an issue of great concern. among the folks that spoke at the public comment and the commissioner richards asked that we as a staff generate some maps that would respond to questions about the level of displacement risk, if you will, for folks living near the 5 m project. and so we did compare the math at commissioner richards request that aimed to identify the portion of housing within a quarter of a mile of the project site, that is to some level of tenant protection or the stabilization. and it is washed out in the screen, but it is there. this is the map, i am going to pass up the copies up to you right now. and there are additionally, copies for the public to my
12:41 am
left. the blue color on your screen and on your maps, indicate some level of stabilization and some level of rent or tenant, i am sorry tenant protection. and the peach colored, indicates a lack thereof. and stabilized properties on this map. and that is a term of our, our essentially, those which are either, adults supportive housing, or recent construction with the disi go natured below market rate and the hdl, and the propertis in blue are stabilized and the propertis in peach are not. i do need to stress that the map is based on the most recent
12:42 am
and best available data to us. and it is a conservative map and so it is the property that we had a question about we consider them not to be stabilized and i imagine that there are folks in the community that may raise the questions and we would love to have that conversation later on. and just to provide you a final nuanced look at the same information and this is the same map in the more gran youal format with the gray properties being those that are not stabilized in the various shades, indicating the properties that are stabilizing one way or another, and the color keyed to how they are stabilized and that is on the reverse side of the document that was just distributed to you. and the big, picture here, commissioners, is that we have about, 8,000 units of housing in the area. and 3 quarters of which, 6,000 units of which are stabilized in one way or another. so very lastly and this is the last, slide here. i do want to call out, the
12:43 am
arada that we distributed to you electronically to you earlier in the week and i am going to hand out the hard copies right now. >> like any large project commissioners there are lots of documents. associated with any approval action, and in this case, about 1200 pages. and after we had distributed these documents, to which we will on the third of september, we did catch a few minor, errors and that is what this document speaks to. they are clarifying, and they are typographical and they are non-substantive and one example that you will see on the first page is that we are requesting that you capitalize the j, in our staff's name. there are a range of corrections. >> and but we would recommend
12:44 am
commissioners that you will incorporate these changes into the motions and the resolutions before you today. and really that is it. we do thank you for your patience during this len ygt presentation and for your time today. we are of course available to respond to your questions, now. or after public comment. and with that, would i like to wrap up the staff portion of our presentation. and turn it over to the director of planning. >> thank you commissioner and thanks to the staff and i would like to thank both of the commissions for your time today and for reviewing this complicated project with us and i want to thank the staff from the planning department and the rec and the park department and oewd for the work on a complicated project. as you heard this project has been really in the planning stages for almost seven years. and formally with us for about four years. it has been a long time coming and i just want to reiterate that the staffs of both or of all three agencies feel that
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unbalanced that this is a project that you should approve. we are recommending your approval of the project and we believe that the impacts of the project, including the shadow are minimal compared to the benefit and we believe that the zoning that was proposed was the appropriate zoning for the site given the level of public benefit with the sud and da which is not possible under normal zoning, and on balance, we believe that the project is a good project for the city for the right place at the right time and we will respectfully request your approval of the project and that concludes, the entire staff presentation, thank you. >> okay, project sponsor? the project sponsor is more incorporated. >> okay, thank you. >> and commissioners will open it up to public comment. and commissioner president buell and i will be offering the card, deedeeworkman and,
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jane, wiel, and rudy, and matt, bins, and spencer organ, and marie sus and stephanie menchez. >> >> and for members of the public that may be watching this in the north light court overflow room. if you hear your name called, you might want to start making your way up to room 400. >> good morning, commissioners i'm dedeworkman with the chamber of commerce, we support the 5 m project, this mixed use development will provide, much needed housing without displacing current area residents and it will be filled with new parks and open space and buildings for offices and housing will rise in the downtown core and, close to financial district bitses and public transit exactly where they should be. the 5 m project will pay over
12:47 am
$12 million for transportation, and infrastructure and pedestrian safety and generate more than $70 million in community benefits for the soma community and across the city. over 12,000 square feet will be dedicated to arts and education use and local historic resources will be preserved and restored. san francisco needs more projects like this that meet the demands of city business and residents while creating thousands of temperature and permanent jobs, the 5 m project will serve, san francisco for years to come, the chamber of commerce supports this and we urge you to support it as well. thank you. >> i live at 1160 west mission street and there is so much new information today, that it is almost overwhelming and i don't know where to start but the first thing that i would like to do is introduce into the
12:48 am
record two letters. a important one from the friends of the park and the chapter of the sierra club and i think that the very important point is that there was no noticing at all about this they learned about the shadowing of their park from the news article and the various talks. so they just recently came out with a letter on september ninth and i am reading from the letter and we received, con sen shoes, on opposing. and it has been written and we think that the law should be follows and the members that in times to come. >> okay. >> excuse me. >> from prop k. >> and they also dispute that
12:49 am
the part of the shadow, where the park that will be shadowed. is what they considered to be their community garden. and they do not consider it to be insignificant. they feel, basically that they have been dismissed and they would like you to not vote to allow the increased shadowing of their park. and the sierra club, basically says more or less the same thing and urging the planning commission to not certify the eir for that project and urging rec and park and planning to not allow the increase on boedecker partly park. >> and there are many other public open spaces that will be shadowed by this project. most specifically the children's area and north. and it will be four months in the afternoon at the children's bar deny and it will not be insignificant, increase in shadowing.
12:50 am
and it will be starting, sundays at 3:20 p.m. and on the worst day it will be a 30 percent increase at shadowing at the children's area. and so there basically is a very significant change to the environment of the neighborhood. and every field that rec and park should have a separate hearing to hear these very significant changes to the area. we think that it is important enough that this should not be pushed through as a joint decision. we think that there should be zero tolerance for increased shadowing of the parks in the city. we think that this is really a problem and it needs to go back to the drawing board. we also don't want the location of the proposed open space. >> thank you. >> my name is benz and i live
12:51 am
in san francisco and i worked across the street from the site for about 8 years. i will keep it brief. i just want to say that this is exactly what san francisco and the neighborhood needs. it is putting housing and close to the downtown core and the transit rich neighborhood and a host of benefit and providing low income housing and open space in the area that we need the open space and it has the economic benefits that will benefit all of the residents and i urge you to approve the project. thank you. >> next speaker please? >> commissioners my name is frank, and 16-year resident of san francisco and i also strongly imp lore you to approve this pro-yekt project. and this will have many benefits to the city. and i think that the developers have shown and with the consultants in the planning department is make it hard to
12:52 am
mitigate the i78 pakts that are small and overwhelmed and over shadowed i would say that by the benefits of this project. and so approve this project. >> we will go ahead and call a few more names. carry mcdene, katherine espin, and met cap and carry ewel and randy, and richard shaffer and mark hatch and tony cafona and sharon mcvai. >> good morning commissioners. i am -- and if you know i have been living in the building where it is have adjacent to the building, and so i am here to tell you that this project
12:53 am
is additional progress for our city. i am emphasize this because we need some housing. we need senior citizen housing. and it is a very high standard of living here. so this is definitely helping for us. and i have very, very strong supporter of this project. lots of benefits that we can get. now i know that you are not beyond just there to approval to disapprove, but you are trying to see what is good, under the progress of our city. and now we cannot just support the people to go out, and stay and leaving in the other
12:54 am
places, because we cannot afford now, we are trying to tell you that it is -- important for this project because the additional 212 rooms affordable homes. and 83 for the seniors. now, definitely, i urge you to approve it and support this project. and i am nervous, and i am sorry. >> and any way, i am standing here along with more residents, to support this project. and they are very excited to know this. and really and also, the open space. where in people can meet people and enjoy together or they can enjoy the people socializing.
12:55 am
but everything is important for a human being. now i urge you to approve this. thank you very much. >> >> good afternoon commissioners we just made it afternoon and so i guess that i am right. my name is sher on mcvai, medigru and i thank you for hearing our comments. and i am here representing my family the mcvai family and specifically our mother francis mcvai who is the surviving owner of 198 fifth street. some of you might know it as the chiefton at the corner of fifth and howard. for the past 50 years, many of
12:56 am
you may have known this as the m&m tavern and the newspaper bar for the chronicle writers. press man and staff. some of you may know it as the chiefton a lively bar and restaurant. some of you may know it as a place that provides affordable housing in a unique remodel of a 1912 building that we did in 1980. in short, we are soma. the mcvai family has been neighbors of the herst property, for 50 years. and has conducted business on fifth street for over 70 years, my grandfather had the pub up the street before the current pub on the corner of fifth and howard. yes, we are irish and yes, they are pubs. >> throughout these years, we have seen the neighborhood change and change dramatically, and we believe for the better.
12:57 am
there has been growth and development bringing back activity and enlifening this whole area. the scope of the project is significant and it will have an impact on soma both in benefit and possible hazards. we have attended the prior commission meet ands we have heard the concerns of our neighbors, the mcvai family expressed concerns, through the deir, submission process, and by my standing before you here last november. at that point, i got a little fiery, irish comments, up here because no one had talked to us, at all. since that time, we are happy to say that we have been actively engaged with the 5 m project. and forest city. our building shares a zero lot line in relation with this project. so we are directly and physically impacted. the 5 m project in the response in the final eir demonstrate
12:58 am
that they listened carefully, we are in support of this project. i am happy to answer any questions. or buy you something at the chiefton. >> good afternoon, commissioners thank you very much for your time. my name is katherine spanya and i am the managing director of the art group and we are a small non-profit art organization that has been in san francisco since 2003. and i am speaking in strong support of the 5 m project. media eights that been in the residence for the arts since it moved to 9225 mission street. we have show cased local artists that performances and exhibitions at intersection, and expand that the spaces like the tunnel and we have been
12:59 am
able to meet and collaborate wf other artist and other non-profit partners in a way that has been made possible by the 5 m project and has insured our ability to keep the programming accessible and low cost. and it is really encouraged and excited about how the arts and culture are being woven into the fabric of the five m project and there is a permanent hub for organizations and artists on the site. with so much displacement of arts organizations, this is an important signal that the organizations like intersection, and the community arts stabilization trust. working in partnership with the developer like forest city can turn things around this a positive direction and we are looking very much forward, and we are looking forward to really staying downtown within our home for many years and we hope that you approve the project. thank you very much. >> next speaker please?
1:00 am
>> good afternoon, commissioners. my name is tony, and i am a representative of the international union of painters and allieed trades and i have approximately, 100 members that live here in san francisco. and we are in favor of the 5 m project. as it will bring good paying jobs to those members that live here. not every developer in san francisco is willing to sign a project, labor agreement, but 5 m has. and we welcome the opportunity to be involved with a good project that will build new homes, and open spaces. thank you. >> >> for the record my name is mark hatch and i am the ceo of the tack shop at 926 howard. and i represent my 20 employees, for the part time staff and the 850 members that use the space to build their dreams as we like to call it.
1:01 am
one might assume wrongly that we oppose this project because we are going to be losing the building in the project. we are absolutely for this project. forest city, brought us to the city and herst brought us to the city has actually helped to make the tech shop what it is today and they are working hard to create space for us within the project itself and importantly, they are bringing lots of residential units on-line, in the city that desperately needs them. companies like rubio, and started in our space, max now considers san francisco as home and employs, at least, half a dozen people, and would love to stay in the city. we need to solve the housing crisis to be able to make that happen and we need these kinds of spaces to enable companies like doto to continue to grow, so it was started in the patrick in the city and has 25 to 30 employees in dog patch and able to do that because of the spaces that the city and the 5 m project built and plans
1:02 am
to continue to support us going forward. iment absolutely for this project. thank you. >> thank you, and more names, john swort and shawn, kasula and tetal neval and navadad, and pixy, and linda shaffer and linda, arelo and tim col, and andy miln and rob pool. >> good morning, my name is markcy and i am a student and i live -- (inaudible) and right next to the 5 m project site i agree with the people who say that the builders who want to build in soma should contribute to the community and i am supportive because the forest city is going above and beyond to the community. and 5 m not only has very generous community benefits passage, but they are a building new homes, and specifically for this community. for the people who live in soma who are struggling to find
1:03 am
affordable housing. and my community is still, has suffered greatly by this displatement. and 5 m is not the type of development that could prevent the father displacement living in soma and i think that we have the 12 and the new bp and the affordable homes and open space or the job and will help the community and try, and before i said that, i just wanted to let you know that those parking lots behind those buildings where i lived, is not and that is does not do any good to us because we can't even park, because it is not a public parking space and every day, we are turning around and and around to look for a parking space, and so it is the environment and we need the space and art, and we need the affordable housing thank you. please support this 5 m project.
1:04 am
>> >> my name is rick shaffer and i am a sheet metal worker and i have lived in san francisco for 44 years and i think that supporting this project is good for affordable housing. and so, hopefully, we will want to, encourage you to support it for that reason. but what i would like to talk, since, the open space, and shadow, is an issue that you are dealing with today, i think that the use of the roof top, which is part of the project, as open space ought to be maybe the opportunity to move the gardens up there, thank you. >> good afternoon, my dear
1:05 am
commissioners. and i am going to give -- (inaudible) a senior, (inaudible) a representative of seniors who strongly support the 5 m project. even as a senior, we fully understand this project. this is now the scenario. today, san francisco especially soma south market and tender loin, is a fast changing society. why? because of its presentation, and which now happening around us. so what we are going to do to solve this gentriciatoi. n there is the 5 m project and one, it is building new affordable homes, 83.
1:06 am
for seniors. with fixed income. >> second provide, wide, new, open space and parking lot. this is good for the neighborhood. third, nobody will be displaced. or moving out or be evicted. we seniors want to enjoy the remaining years of our lives. we want to maintain our beauty and stress-free. we want to stay in the new, and comfortable homes. so that this is it. we support the 5 m project. lastly the commissioners, please, we need your immediate action now.
1:07 am
thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners i am ellison and i am the director for the section for the arts you know most developers really look at their contributions to the arts through the 1 percent, for the arts as an obligation, and this is a very different sort of approach. and this is willing desire, to involve the arts. and we have been involved in the project for five years. and we have had a chance to experiment on the site, and we have had a chance to be involved in conversations, where they are idiating with what the cultural space can be and they have shifted the paradyme for what it can do for the arts so it is not a sculpture and it is not getting permission for the portion of the properties but it is a deep way to get the arts and culture involved for the long term. we are absolutely committed to this project. and we are committed to providing that arts and culture component for the future, thank
1:08 am
you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. my name is john swork and i live in that quarter mile radius that we saw today in a rent controlled apartment. my daughter who is 8 years old and i are regular users of both parks. and we will be where it is currently the closest park to our house and although this open space that 5 m will add is actually going to be closer to our house and we anticipate to use it quite a lot. specifically as a price of the shadow in the back of the park i would like to remiepd you all that someone who said that they were in the sierra club that that was the community garden for the neighborhood. i am not totally sure about that. you might have to check into that. but what i know that area of the park as, is the walkway from the other street, the main part of the park is actually down below. and there is exercise equipment
1:09 am
up there and it is kind of a nice area. but, as the presentation pointed out, that shadow will not actually be there when the park is opened. and i don't think that the shadow in the winter is going to kill anyone's vegetables. so if it did, what would be a great mitigation for that? well, actually, adding quite a bit of open space, that is closer to my house was a great mitigation for me. and adding 18 million dollars to the affordable housing project at eddie and taylor which a block from the park and a block from my house will also be a large mitigation for me. and many of the planning commissioners know me as someone from sf, not specifically talking in that role today and i would like to point out that, an office primarily the office development do you want, that adds 40 percent of the housing need within the own boarders is anomoly and that is a really great thing and i think that it gets so much of the actual
1:10 am
affordable housing in its own boarders is amazing and we should be seeing this as a positive step for the community as a lot of benefits it adds, the art infrastructure which we have been wanting to add in a lot of ways in the area including in the war field and development which ended up following through and we did not get that extra arts, and set aside for the war field building but no some art related stuff is going to be only a couple of blocks away here and i support this project. >> good afternoon, commissioners and again, my name is linda, devero and i am the chair of the open space advisory committee and we are the citizen group that is appointed by the supervisors to support and recommend the quality open space under the jurisdiction of rec and park. however, with all of the development we are interested as well, in other open spaces and presumably, those that come into the developments spaces such as this one, we are on
1:11 am
record today. and so, in your packet you should have a resolution, and recommending that the recreation and park commissioners postpone the vote on the proposed project, until further studies are completed and i could read that to you for our reasoning and whereas the san francisco, park and recreation, open space, advisory committee has not had a formal representation of this project. whereas district six has been identified as the most open space defish deficient in the city and the effort to identify the sites in the parks and the open space are ongoing. and whereas, the draft eir, identifies the shadowing impacts on the newly reopened park, requiring the commission to grant the impacts are not significant and whereas the recreation and park, commission is schedule, today to meet to approve the eir in general plan amendments for this project and to approve the raising of the shadow limits for the park
1:12 am
pursuant to the park and be it resolved that they request that the commissioners postpone their vote. and be it further resolved that it is concerned that the grand level open space is poorly cited. and it is closed in the middle of the complex, and surrounded by the towers and not visible from any space and the location is subject to the highest level and shadow, and the site, ground level, particularly will be primarily hard scaped as described in the ier. and nearly identity park one block away to the plaza and tucked inside of the alley way and non-functional and a haven of anti-social behavior. and the neighbors right now are asking for the removal of that as a failed experiment. >> the 50 percent of the open space that is on the roof top is going to be accessible during the business hours by an elevator. and that is our resolution we
1:13 am
put it forth and it was adopted by the members of the park and rec and open space, thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners and apologies to the rec and park commission who has heard me speak earlier today. and i am a member and my name is linda shaffer and i have the honor of representing district ten on the park and recreation, open space, advisory committee and i am one of the people who voted for the resolution, that was just read into the record and i would like very much if you would understand, why, i should make it clear that i have no problems, with this project, i think that it sounds quite admirable and wopdful and designed for the most part. and so, if i am honest, i will say that i am picking on this project in order to say something about an issue.
1:14 am
that has come to the attention, and this is an example of it. and i am referring to what are called privately owned public open spaces. there will be another one in the middle of this project. and it is, and it aa phenomena that is proliferating in the city of san francisco and those of us who live in district ten, are acutely aware of how many of these kinds of parks and open spaces there are. and they are embedded in developments, at candle stick point, slag walk, and terrace and this one and i am sure that i have missed several other examples. the problem that i have and that protec is trying to find a method of addressing is who is responsible for over seing the
1:15 am
planning operation of and maintenance of these open spaces. they are parks, and in fact, in my understanding is that in this project, the open spaces to include, a children's playground. it surely, it seems like, the recreation and park department should somehow be involved in the planning of such an open space and i for one, would --. >> could you hang on for just one minute, could we find out why those doors remain open and ask someone to go out and ask those folks to keep it down, please continue. >> thank you very much. >> where was i. we are trying to figure out a way to get rec and park in, and involved as a regular part of this process of planning these internal open spaces. because it seems to us to make
1:16 am
imminent sense that that should happen and so that is one of the reasons i voted for the resolution, that you just heard read into the record. my other reason i will try to say quickly. i wish that i could say that i am against certificating the ier, and i can't and because the wish that analysis of this open space had been done, that it was a thorough as the one done on the effective of the project outside, it was not and it seems to be that that is the reason for that is because, it is not anywhere in the sequa process that has to be done. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is andy and i work just a few blocks from where this pro-yekt is. and i am here to speak in favor of the project because many other people have mentioned in the neighborhood and the city, needs it and affordable housing. and rejecting this interest,
1:17 am
probably means that the developer will come back with a project that meets the current zoning and has less of all of the good stuff that they have thrown in. and that will mean that we just have another luxury condo in soma this is our chance to do what we should have been doing all along which is making rich guys pay for things that benefit the rest of us. had we done this with the eastern soma development, and included what they are proposing we might have been better protected against the waves of displacement that are taking place in this neighborhood, and i would encourage you to approve this, and the use them as a standard to which, other s and other future developers, will do, to keep as many of our neighbors in our neighborhood as possible, thank you. >> hello. my name is mar get bonner and i also wanted to speak in favor
1:18 am
of this project. i also work very close to the project. and i think that in addition to providing all of this housing, providing you know, a new building, i think that it will also make the neighborhood more walkable and safe. for me to get to work >> good afternoon, the opportunity to be here today and one of the unique things about this project is something that peter brought up in the secretary information is that we really see the project built in an area where there is infrastructure to support it and the bart station and all of the muni lines and the bike lanes and the retail, and all of the neighborhoods are right there where the project will be. this project will be there and add so many other benefits.
1:19 am
and 212, affordable homes and 83 homes for low income seniors, and all of the amendy and open space and you know, the retail approach. and the commitment to the arts, and it is really made a contribution to the community and i think that forest city has done a tremendous job over the past 7 or 8 years and in engaging everyone in soma and all of these groups in the city to create a project that is going to deliver, the live and affordable housing to create a better neighborhood and we hope that it can move forward today. thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners, i'm tim, the executive director of the san francisco housing action, coalition, on behalf of the 170 member organizations i urge you to support this project, today. and i want to say, that, this is i am happy that this day has come and this is an enormous
1:20 am
opportunity for the sfaoe and this project is noteworthy in the unusual way and it sort of set the bench mark first, for the community out reach. they were quiet for a long time and reaching out on the quiet and the quiet neighborhood ways to people before they went public with it and they have gotten a ton of feedback >> the second thing that i bring to your attention is that this is going to be a exemplary project and it can't be helped now. for the affordable housing that because of the enormous how would you call it, discussion, negotiation, and with the stake holders in the community and the elected leaders and the city agencies, and this project is going to deliver, and to the city as whole, that are possible because of the scale of the project, and this is
1:21 am
how, projects of this scale are supposed to benefit the city and it does exactly that and it provides, an unusual level of affordability that is not achievable with our current inclusionary regulations. we would turn the project like this down at enormous debtment to the future of the city. as far as the shadow, and analysis goes, the section 295, it is standard and this is proper, and it is not a significant impact, and certainly not if you look or if you compare it to the scale of benefits that it provides to the city. i can't say it enough again, we have an enormous opportunity in front of us. i urge you to take it and approve this pro-jek.thank you. >> let me read more names. teresa ippero and elizabeth, and caroline and wanito and rita banbia, joyce lamb, and
1:22 am
shalamar jones and michael farari and rose eger. >> feel free to step up to the podium and submit your comment. >> the next speaker? >> yes. >> we always hear this term we should oppose this project because it creates too much shadow, blah blah blah. well you humans create shadow that is my shadow right there.
1:23 am
trees create shadow. because, it is everything and it exists and that is, that is the nature of, cause of the reality. and so opposing something because it creates the shadow or it creates a shadow, is not a good science and really -- so i urge you to support this project. and it is going forward, it will be a great boone for affordable housing in san francisco. and it also will go along way in reaffirming our belief that when the developers work with the community, they are rewarded by getting it approved and i, you know, the, the opposition to the project is really, and it is not on the
1:24 am
stand on, and because if you don't get, if we don't get it recreates a shadow and well you have to go get to the people and the trees and the plants. and this stuff. and this is a great project. and the fact that they have the shadow issue shows that the opposition really has not really a strong argument to stand on. so i urge you again to approve this project. and in the name of science, and the name of humanity and in the name of san francisco. and i want to thank you again for your work and keep up the good work, thank you. >> good afternoon, my name is michael varvari and first and foremost i would like to say thank you to all of the people that made it possible for me to
1:25 am
voice my opinion here today. and also for all of the non-profit organizations that helped out for the people that are trying to get on their feet. and some that i think that our project, 5 m will be beneficial for the community of san francisco and because it will create more, and more jobs. for it, and more affordable housing. so, and so i am all for it. thank you very much. >> next speaker please. and mr. secretary, after mr. cario speaks, maybe rudi corpus and his group can come in next. >> my name is shalamr jones and i have been going to the construction school down in the lower soma area. and i think that it will be great for you guys to have the 5 m project because there is a lot of entry talent out there
1:26 am
and the youth who want the jobs and want to put their foot in the field and it will create a lot more affordable housing and less homeless people on the streets, also. like, and it will help, the community, because a lot of youth and everything that are running around, and you know, they are the kids, and adults my age and whatever else. they are looking for something, in looking for just, something new to impact, and to happen in the city besides. this gloomy, and bad, stuff happening all of the time. so if you guys could just, approve this project, it will be great, because not only am i not only the only person out here who has the great challenge and the great things to bring towards the city and it will help us, and so thank you. >> commissioners, michael tario
1:27 am
san francisco, building and construction county. and i want to compliment the forest city again on their out reach to the community. for this project. and as the city showed there was at least five years. and during which, the forest city, conducted public meetings and the community meetings and i think that you have seen that where the community based organizations in the neighborhood, came forward with very specific proposals about what could be achieved by this project, forest city responded and you can see the solid results from that. who spoke earlier said that we had a signature on the wave agreement with the forest and that is not entirely correct. we do and we are negotiating with them on the project labor agreement and they are negotiating in the good faith and it is a measure of the trust in forest city and my opinion of the trustworthy developers in this country that i am willing to stand up here and be unstinting in my support for this project. you can see behind me the folks
1:28 am
from the union trades and i asked them to where the colors and we are all in favor of this project, thank you. >> we are going to go ahead and let rudy corpus who has been waiting to speak next. >> rudy if your group is ready, come on in. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> hold on. >> keep walking over here. yo. >> come on family. >> over here. >> good afternoon, commissioners. my name is carlo and i am with the united players. and i have been a part of this
1:29 am
community my whole life. i feel like the 5 m project will benefit the community by giving the community jobs and also good reach for our youth. and it will also provide affordable housing for our families which will make the stay in the community and also, these buildings will be built on open parking lots and ain't displacing nobody and to me that sounds like a win-win situation and on top of that, the people that oopposing the project, are not really from the community, thank you. >> thank you. thank you. commissioners. for having us and letting us speak. my name is rudy and i am here with 94103 residents, that actually live in the community. what is your address? >> 575. >> where is your mom work at? >> where are you at miss jones. >> howard, senior building. >> ali? >> 6th street. >> and where you at?
1:30 am
>> this is tender loin and soma and treasure island. we have been a part of these hearings, or a part of the plan for the last 7 years. so this did not just start yesterday, 7 years, and over 120 something meetings we have been attending and to hear the people, who are organizers who are not from our neighborhood. they are not 941 03 residents and they don't live and who are organizing other people to come to our neighborhood and 80 percent of the people who will be up here to oppose the project are probably not from our neighborhood. but they want to speak and talk about what we need. we know what we need. we know what they want. where were they when the kids in the neighborhood was getting shot and robbed. where were they when people were getting kicked out or the police were harassing us, they were not there. we are there. look at the faces of the people
1:31 am
from the community xho file in support. how could you not support somebody in a neighborhood with the lowest income of families us, live at. giving one million dollars to the schools. giving one million dollars to park and rec that we all hang outal. and 43 percent of affordable housing, that is the highest that you can go at. you don't hate the play, you hate the game. we are here and we live here, if something tragic happens in our neighborhood, guess who is going to come out outside when the gas and water is out, we are going to be there and take a look at our faces these people coming over there and saying, that they are from our neighborhood, who ain't from our neighborhood. walk around us and sometimes, don't even talk to us. but they want to talk about what is best for us? we are the ones that have to deal and live with this. when we talk about the space at the parks, and talk about the boedeker park we talked about that and they granted that.
1:32 am
when we talked about the after school programs, they got that for us. when they talked about jobs, for our people in the 94103, they provided that for us. when we talked about affordable housing, and getting opportunities for our people they came and we came up with all of that they didn't come up with that. but they met us halfway and said this is what we are going to be doing, if anybody come to our community to tell us what is best for us that lives there, i am born and raised in the south of market, and 1285, and my family has been there, where do the kids go to school at. >> where do you live at? >> where did you grow up? >> we have been there and we live there and we are going to stay there. this project is not going to --, whole philippine o, i am for everybody, and black and white and pepper mint, striped or whatever, thank you. >> are we done. >> thank you. [ applause ]
1:33 am
>> hello commission. my name is rose egar, and i live on 474 street and so i live in the hood. and we are going to have 688 more apartments in our neighborhood and i have not heard anybody talk about the parking. but i did hear somebody said that the she could not find parking space going around and spend a lot of money parking. and there will be a lot more parking no one has addressed that but i am sure that there must be plans on it. but in my neighborhood there are going to be 58 affordable
1:34 am
housing, now the senior center is going to be i guess across the street and so that might consider to be my neighborhood. and it might take 15 years to build that maybe. took more than 15 years for the one on 6th and howard. i have a newspaper and i couldn't find it, i have the front cover in 1999, that that building was going down and coming back up as affordable. and it is first, it started, and 16 they will be taking people, and so the seniors are going to have to wait. we need so much reasonable apartments. not all of these apartments that are market rate. i am sorry but they are going to drive all of that property around there who could never fill that property before. it is going to be worth a lot of money now.
1:35 am
don't i think that these people are going to be displaced afterwards? they will be just like i was. that is why i live at 474. and i was displaced in the sunset. i am so lucky thatvy a place to live. do you know how many people can't afford to live here any more? the police came and to our building and got in our building as a dangerous neighborhood. but we live in a great building and you must have seen our building. it was on the cover of the chronicle in the home. and beautiful building, i love our building and our building is great. >> we need more buildings like us. working people that can afford to live there not 3,000, 4,000, and those parks will be filled with dogs because not families will be in those apartments. there will be people with little dogs and that is what you will see. the affordable housing is a tender loin. that is not a great neighborhood to bring children up. i just, just please think about what we are doing with our city. we need to house the teachers,
1:36 am
we need to house other people. i feel so sorry for the youth. i liked your project. i do. it means progress in the city. but i just want to tell you that we need even more. thank you. >> good afternoon, and thank you for the opportunity to speak today. my name is cai, yul and i have been working on the south market and help with the people with disability and help to go back to work. and what i want to speak about is the jobs that this project is going to create. creating a lot of entry level jobs and secondly is around the housing aspects the people with disabilities and various employment are getting priced out of san francisco and so we want to speak to the fact that by doing the projects like this is we are helping to insure the economic diversity of san
1:37 am
francisco and that spurs the culture that makes the others want to move mere as well and i do encourage to support the 5 m project. thank you. >> members of the planning commission and all of those concerneds, my name is shelly trap and i am the director of the art strategy and ventures with the foundation and i am here to give a statement on behave of the community, stabilization trust work. the mission of the foundation is to enhance quality of life. by championing and sustaining the arts and providing early childhood literacy services and supporting research to cure chronic dedisease. we manage over 3 million in assets and seek to dramatically improve people's lives. cast was created to support the long term, stability of arts organizations in the central market and tender loin neighborhoods. with 25 million in seed funding
1:38 am
from the foundation and support from the mayor edwin lee, supervisor kim and the northern california, loan fund, cast to date has acquired, two buildings at 80 turk street and 1007 market street for the exclusive use of the arts organizations and the store gallery, and a non-profit model founlded on the belief that the arts promote, strong and diverse communities the mission is to create stable, physical space for the arts and cultural organizations. through collaborating with the private sectors government and agencies cast represents a bold solution to san francisco growing real estate challenges. when arts organizations had stable homes, and protection from a volatile real estate market. they are free to serve your local community and continue to remain a vibrant asset in san
1:39 am
francisco's delicate, non-profit eco, system. i am in support of the cast work within the 5 m project because it will create a permanent home for local, arts and culture organizations, at 447, minuter street and an opportunity for san francisco to stabilize the local arts and the non-profit organizations in an already, thriving arts corridor of the south of market and the downtown area of the city. thank you for your time. and consideration. >> thank you, next speaker please? >> we call some more names, carlo, gaston bill warton and katie lamon and gregory brian and marty sisnis and david, down snip and selly trut and david, elliott and saul rock man. >> i will respect and thank you
1:40 am
commissioners for this. for this special meeting and i have served the community from 1976 to the present and was on a board in the neighborhood centers and we all turned this program and the district one to help the advisory board for the mayor, and the neighborhood and the health center and the board member and the media arts and kqed and the board of directors i am a family man and i am soon to be a grandfather. and home owner in san francisco. and in the navy and the vietnam veteran, decorated by president johnson. it has torn our communities apart, san francisco used to be filled with working families and kids everywhere. now families are moving out of the city because they cannot afford the raise their child any more in the city. and in recent years, south of market has suffered great because of development. and we need to stop and think carefully about the future of this city, and every
1:41 am
development you approve it could be the end of working class people ability to stay in the city. commissioners i have looked long and put my ears to the ground, and talked and been working with the non-profits, and in south of market. i feel that this program is the development is a good development that will have a long term positive effect for south of market. 5 m is the first private project to insure 33 percent affordable housing. that is good, that is really good for us. and for the city. 400 units luxury and 288, build, and units and 20 percent will be affordable for family. and for families and making 20,
1:42 am
or 56,000 dollars. and that is 57 units sorry. and 83 units for seniors. it is fantastic. we really need that. united players, you all met us here. it is a grassroots community, advocacy program serving young people. you know, and we really support the project. because we are to invest and working with, and working with the developers, and since 2008. and we need this victory. we need to show how it is done. there has been a lot of collaboration from the community, and the young people and the labor and the city to make this happen. i urge you to move the project forward. and approve it. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please?
1:43 am
>> permission, and i am yunito garon and living in 957 building, apartment, 307. and it is near the project that the 5 m is being constructed. and now, i want to talk about the prediction, and the prediction of our north and. and from the comprehensive plan and from the commission, and for the 50, and of the
1:44 am
community, and the help of the senior and, and it has been in the community. and ours is especially in our building, that sometimes they will be and it is not, in service. and land to give the community and the assurance that the planning should be. and according to the good of the community. and i hope and pray that that our all mighty god, be helpful, and protect us. and that our demands may be granted by the good office, of
1:45 am
the planning community. and because, we are always in the neighbors. and as your neighbors have said, and you also love us because life is really important, that god has given to us, thank you. >> the families that are living
1:46 am
happily in the city, and before you decide and please think of the people of our community, thank you. >> hello, commissioners my name is marty sasnais and i am a senior of 72 1k3 i lived in san francisco over 50 years and eight years ago i was evicted and it was the most devastating period of my life. and i am 100 percent opposed to this project. because a lot of people don't really know, the facts about you talk about having the tiny percentage of affordable housing, and in these luxury buildings, in the reality of that is, that there are thousands, over 8,000 people who have been displaced. and we have nowhere to go. and impart of what made this
1:47 am
the great tolerant, and creative city, that san francisco used to be. and when you go to apply, for the affordable housing as i did. i recently, i was told, well, there is a clause in that application, that says you must be earning because i am a writer i don't make enough to pay for affordable housing is that a continue contradiction, and i can afford to pay my rent, when i lost my rent control, i have never missed a rent payment and yet, i can't even apply. and for affordable housing
1:48 am
>> hello my name is teresa imperial the south of market action committee and today, we're here i'm here to canned for the continuance of the approval of this development
1:49 am
this - prior to this development there was the filipino social district that was proposed and in the works back in 2008, continuing until 2011 and that hadn't been materialized until now the filipinos have been in the city since the 1920s since there was manila town i hope you guys know there was manila town in the now financial district back then the manila town was a 10 block community o laid because of the redevelopment the embarcadero plan the i hotel came out of that struggle and part of the tenants arithmetic's in san francisco this as what's happening in south of market
1:50 am
this is second financial district in one single project alone there is good avenue, i guess you can is that but it puts office spaces in residential areas there's a tlooirlg filipino community we need to think about in the next 20 or thirty or 50 years where the the filipino community going to go in the next year's where are we in that that place where is the city when it comes to immigrants and the latino families andized chinese community there is a central subway plan and every time there's a transit oriented project that is prone to vamentd gentrification so we need to think about the future not just in the next 10 years 3 or 5 years but the next 50 or hundred years thank you.
1:51 am
>> hello my name is carolyn i work for the veterans equality center i'll urging the planning commission to vote to continue for the knowledge project approval extra infrastructure read all about it selma sold for a couple of things enabling the people's petition to slow down wait hold off on our decision to let a developer and not displace the seniors in selma a place they call home the story has been told the filipinos displaced from their homes divide and conqueror with benefits instead of the clrltd wealth this is imperialism what do you want on
1:52 am
the headlines general if i did selma or listening to the voices that have concerns observe 0 is 5 m profits over people or the people over profit what do you want on is headlines development that will displace or development that will give diverse working-class extremely lower-income a chance to stay in the city it is up to you what you want on little headlines (clapping.) >> hello, everyone good afternoon. i'm rita of the residents equality center and work as a community service worker i'm are here asking you
1:53 am
all to be see what the community is going to duo use your whole body experience in making decisions regarding that 5 m in south of market this will effect the lives of many youth, seniors, families and workers residing in the south of market as well as the neighboring district after listening to all of us here i ask you to prone and feel pertain what it is like to be in their position as a youth and seniors as a member of the south of market community especially the new alive immigrants in the south of market who lives their lives will be affected by the
1:54 am
knowledge project i am requesting you all to have a good thought to consider prioritizing, protecting and planning for the benefits of the community in south of market and all communities in south of san francisco thank >> thank you. next speaker, please >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> david el jot louis thirty year residents of the city and 10 with the tenderloin this park is really the only full service park that children can play with protection this will be shadowed by the project there is laws to protect your allowing to allow this project to go ahead speaking for the children of my neighborhood i
1:55 am
ask you to reject there are so many arraigns the gentrification and the lack of transportation infrastructure to support those almost 7 hundred parents that are coming in do you building you can convict build your way way to affordability this will make a lot of people a lot of money he get it so i understand community groups have been bought off i can't support it for all the reasons i hope you'll consider the lack of transportation infrastructure and the shadowing of my neighborhood to the park i hope you consider to disregard of this project for the zoning regulations the exceptions to make it go forward what's the point of a plan and the zoning code if you'll ignore it because a project has so much money
1:56 am
respect our own laws in terms of shadowing and zoning and in terms the filipino heritage of this neighborhood for all r all those reasons i hope you'll reject this david elliott louis. >> thank you. i'll call a few more names come on up (calling names) good afternoon commissioned i'm lauren the director of benefits studio we're commodity comprised with artist for filipino-american arts since 1989 in 2000 we were kicked out as boom on 6th street this is part of the neighborhood you call home it is hard to
1:57 am
about how long back it took us 10 years to move back and fighting back meeting in city hall with the negotiation of the city agency selma has a trying artist and it has been there for 60 years and the manila arts and none of our arts and calculator leaders were invited to the see table for the decisions that impact our communities have been decided it is another diversity box to be checked we need to be harder from the begin we're heard about the knowledge two months ago we invited the 5 m project people to come so we hear both sides san francisco needs to view the skin. >> is viewing to carve out new
1:58 am
mass transit for height and bulk restriction this is needed to alleviate the housing what about the population i grew up on sfreft and went to micro admission as an inmate the only place we could afford affordable housing unit is based on the lottery city we never good neighbor policy got in we need the 5 m development and recognize the art and currently that is established here otherwise we're displacing famed for in exchange for challenge for the boarding for this you'll nullify the family and zones this is a part of history whether or not you displace the filipino thank you for the art and now the knowledge
1:59 am
development thank you. >> good afternoon. i'm here on behalf of the city a reservation center on 6th street because of proposed building site we are extremely sensitive to how this effects our neighborhoods and the residents some building project maybe interested in gentrification and displacement i hear the opposition and the frustration but 5 m is not displacing people if anything they're doing the opposite i see the kids this project provides opportunities by providing affordable housing in areas for the park we've heard nothing but good and positive conversation they've left hand to the community whether it be green space or the
2:00 am
abundance of affordable housing therefore they've invested in a crucial 36 - parts of our community like betsey carmichael and the jane recreation center commissioners, i building they've played the community first a displacement will not be an issue thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is bill i live in thank you for the opportunity in a plaza for the last 8 years i'm the principle of the sustainability of communications we help the architect and engineers and frontals like 5 m for being sustainable i spend time talking about this i can say as an architect and consultant that is a project that needs to be approved i'm in full support and
2:01 am
the development i've met any time with 9 folks from forest and a family member of the benefits district and my partner is on the board i was pleased yesterday to learn a letter of support for the project i want to mention the public spaces this is a hard scam plaza not a rec and park but an your honor, one that is the kind of space for people to meet and connect i urge you to support this project thank you. >> hello commissioners. i'm danielle i'll a renter in san francisco and i want to speak in favor of moving this project and approving that it is no news san francisco is in the middle of a housing shortage we need more
2:02 am
unions it is insanely expensive and the fact this project has been trying to get it approval for seven years is a testament to that fact this project is near public transit less cars and green house gas emissions wards to the fact it casts shadows i would ask you to see an experiment whatever you hear we were in a heat waiver and replace the words shadow with shade you'll understand that is not a big concern i also heard people complain that sets a bad persistence it is higher than the zoning previously i'll agree it sets that but considering we're in a seer housing shortage that is good lastly you you know you saw the community that came in here
2:03 am
about a half an hour speak passionately about market rate housing some people say this is not good enough they need to go to a lottery the reason is because the number of people that needs this is so much larger than the number this building is not going to solve that we need more yeah, i'll say build this so we can find a place to live in san francisco thank you. >> hi i'm available to answer any questions you might have. my name is is greg i'm a resident of san francisco for seven years and a member of the board of south of market association and i'm also a - and an attorney i want to bring up one important thing there is a shortage of
2:04 am
housing and additional $10,000 folks that move to san francisco there recent a shormg in the lower-income and middle-income we need to focus on my view anything that helps to alleviate the problems is a good thing to me with the knowledge has reached it out to the community before they garnering support asking the community what at the need they've gone to extreme efforts to bring in nonprofits i know they met with indicating could their nonprofit and other nonprofits to me those are the types of projects i think we should be supporting that will bring in housing and also the lower-income and affordable housing by providing 2 hundred and 12 units so moss i'm o a
2:05 am
strong supporter and where people are adding extra housing especially going forward. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm donald i live and work here in the city of san francisco and very concerned about the housing crisis my friend who wants to move here can't afford the rent for $1,000 and buy there's hundred thousand dollars short the recent studies show the 5 m parting didn't cause gentrification instead, they - i support the knowledge and ask you immediately prove that after 7 long years of due diligence we need more shadow in
2:06 am
the selma groenl is happening and 5 m will race the index benefiting grandmothers and young adults it accomplishes the index for the dead block and low energy dark streets it creates a new office building and two residential building on 6th street and mission and activates the plazas bring 33 percent affordable housing in the radius of proposed site 5 m helps with the cultural with 12 thousands of square feet combaiz the slment is increased the public safety and wider sidewalks to the dangerous intersection 5 m praets creates thousands of new
2:07 am
jobs to employ filipino residents and in the surrounding areas of selma 5 m creates public spaces for the latino community while providing wifi and shady humble ask the planning commission and rec and park approve this so construction can start with the affordable housing project right away we have 10 thesis people in the lottery that are waiting to apply for affordable housing at this time thank you for your time. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is a katie i'm the director of housing development for tndc i thank you for the opportunity to support the knowledge project and especially the affordable housing community benefits
2:08 am
there's a lot of censure is gentrification in selma and throughout san francisco and i share the concern as everyone at tndc i believe there are solutions within the city to like this one so require the developers of large projects to build more affordable housing with the affordable units this achieves that 5 m provides 33 percent of affordable housing some onsite in an 80 this is somewhat difficult they can do with with the math development e development down the street in a new senior housing building and within a 5 minute walk that i commissioners, we left off as you may know is a development it is supported by tndc this is catalyst for making this he this
2:09 am
from unsticking stuck it will break ground in two years the housing is doing be permanently affordable rental housing and also serves lower-income people and san francisco 50 percent ami to context lists for the family of four and the housing program will serve families and seniors and within both of those buildings the affordable ones not the 8020 there will be components to serve the homelessness forest city diagnose things we want the developers to have connections with people that are living in the neighborhood i can speak specifically to what we know for the interactions the building on mission that as
2:10 am
lower-income tenants and coincidentally our staff has been involved for quite a few of the and they've met with folks at forest city they were concerned and to their suggestion more housing needs in their community finally also in response to the local folks their localizing the affordable housing contribution it was important to address the displacement and create for opportunities it selma those benefits will be located in selma i courage you to do more of those agreement and create for affordable housing especially the ones that are experiencing the developments thank you. >> good afternoon,
2:11 am
commissioners my name is 94103 i live in the neighborhood and work with the neighborhood i want to say e talk about the legacy of this planning commission and as you think about it i'd like to recognize a continuance for this matter as well first corporation in forest city this is a led a shameful campaign they've made unenforceable policies and bride and co-opted organizations and lied to seniors, divided the community, conducted closed-door meetings and shown bias of the pictures of a development they'll not build let me regime will not build first forest city are not bar-and-grills their land speculators the promises radio not to keep their seldom end up
2:12 am
selling and their criteria for the buildings on fifth west of mary street they've submitted an up to date circulation plan that ignores the neighborhood joint to the buildings they want to create having four acres didn't mean you can ride roughshod over a residential neighborhood the city planner said 15th marks the western boundary the selma district well, maybe in a few months we'll tell you that is in between is in fill before you look at but if you look at the area south of admission if 3rd street street west you'll not see get out of place but conforming sites in the be mixed use neighborhood the hotel i ask
2:13 am
for your support for the filipino heritage district before this thing neighborhoods are ignored and destroyed please delay this until we can look at this we need anti displacement for 9 filipino residents consider the legacy you lied will it be the start of the destruction of selma or a central selma with full community input and thoughtful reflections of the nature of the neighborhood will your decision help to do that or line the pockets of the developers. >> hello. thank you commissioners my name is merriam i'm the third
2:14 am
small business owners my family highlighted the exhibit in which the moscone center was being building and selma was transformed and a lot of businesses and houses were destroyed i'm leery of the history repeating itself i see that the magnificent changes happening in the south of market are bring a wave of entitlements it is hard for folks i've been there what kind of a to interact with i'm not in the habit of supporting developments my family's store of the building of the moscone center was evicted twice i can see that 5 m has been approaching this project district 5 than another developments others developments have been twenty-four hours police presence or sending letters to buy you out i feel like 5 m has been responsive and
2:15 am
understand the environment their moving into and don't claim to be able to set in completely but the fact they're making public space i perp as a retailer was happy to hear the retail space was 5 thousand square feet making that assessable to making small business owner and as opposed to a formula retail i'm standing here i don't stand in neutral outlet i like to pick side i feel this project has been more community ordinary than other developments in the city i would like you to consider a piece of small businesses they're getting evicted in south of market and consider building more safe holds for small business owners within those developments and
2:16 am
opportunities for businesses that are being evicted to maybe be compensated in some of the new buildings that's all i have to say thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> male good afternoon, commissioners my name is charm i'm with the after-school program at betsey carmichael middle school with the program so your program is actually been built for parents getting displaced in that area and want to continue to provide service to the family so today, i'm concerned that the planning commission is gsr the filipino community and it is dismissing the vulnerable community adjacent to
2:17 am
the 5 m project not responsible development we need development without displacement so within 5 block radius of the 5 m there are over it 2 hundred filipino residents based on the urban displacement and a research action in collaboration with the ucla and regional planning in the state of california air resources board the south of market is in advanced stages of gentrification filipinos were first displaced from manila adjacent to chinatown then from yerba buena center the knowledge proposal on the south of market is the late attempt to drive out filipino from the neighborhood the up don in the 5 m o late the special use district and alert the daytime of thousands of filipinos and other working-class families youth and seniors from the south of market pr and selma filipino population
2:18 am
has been fighting for years for selma filipino heritage district this is on the back burner awhile 5 m is fast tracked the developers have disrepresented the filipino by making backroom deals with that, i urge you to continue the knowledge approval until the filipino heritage district and selma families and seniors is in on - those two legislation must be go hand in hand and noted one over the other thank you for your time. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is dean i can't i was born on 447 between 6th street and 7th street back then we remember looking time
2:19 am
newly arrived immigrants countless kids played in the street and find solace in the fact there was help as the years passed dollars signs in their mind building high-rise to the highest bidders we couldn't afford our represents and had to move from the filipino community that had a raised us with the cultural and social belongings i'm here to stand against this displacement i'll not watch another filipino-american families get kicked out of their home in selma san francisco has informational about 9 filipino-american youth and veterans i'm here to remind you we're here and fighting with my demand the following situations one we ask for a continuance and
2:20 am
basically no more backroom deals and prioritize the filipino district for arts and culture has has been pushed back 3 protection for the youth and filipino no more displacement and for the community guarantees and accountability for the for complete presentation from the 5 m project those communities benefits from forest city have remunerated friendship we're urging for the commission to look at this and find a middle ground thank you. >> hello commissioners peter cultural actions network i'd like to first second the previous speaker and ask. a continuance and ask you to consider the stipulation list i think there are a lot of things
2:21 am
wrong with the project i think that some of the argument we're hearing on the one side to summarize it is for the as awful the developers is not as bad in the way they've approached to but we're hearing from the local people in the community i'm not far from here i'm a 94103 a there's been backroom deals but not popper with the community and my sense from talking to people they feel unheard this decision is irreversible in you vote for it today, i want to point to one other element the housing affordable one out of 80 is no good this project will generate profits in the hundreds
2:22 am
of million dollars at minimum; right? those numbers are not good we're concerned like the previous speaker said that the affordable housing whether 53 we should be concerned this will generate the need for more affordable housing the amount of luxury housing outweighs one study said 42 percent and up; right? the mayors own speeches says this generates a need for more affordable housing than it creates the mayor you know that left-wing progressive things we need more i'd like at the numbers and you're hearing from a huge amount of the local filipino community project disrespect us and everything we've worked on you should
2:23 am
continue this until the stipulations are looked at and corrected thank you (clapping.) >> hi, i'm with the league of filipino students i'm a state of filipino-american history at san francisco state university and i work at back and forth to as you see betsey carmichael is a after-school program i'm here to really just let you you know that our all the parents we serve in the program are nearly hundred families understand the 5 m will general if i their neighborhood and cause important evicts and drive the working-class and businesses in selma the nonprofits in the community we said the community benefits are not real they're being diffuse forest city is
2:24 am
paying off community and lied to the communities and the only winners are the developers that get tons of money giftsd by the city the $74 million that is spent in a few years we have to think about the long term is forever you can't let the $74 million be spent in a few years understand the filipino community will be displaced our community is priceless can't be brought back and speakers past we talked about being displaced we've been displaced if manila town from the 19 hundred to the 2000 and then it was gone on now we're being displaced out of the selma several thousands of
2:25 am
residents that are filipino within that 5 block radius of the 5 m project will be so i urge you to continue to call for the continuance of this project do not let it go as rapidly and fast pace as it is trying to be and don't be blind by the money their pouring in do you want to be known as the commission that put prophet over the people or the people over the property in the community thank you. >> as the next speaker comes up we'll call more names
2:26 am
(calling names) >> (speaking foreign language.) >> hi, everyone i'm joining tang tinge live in chinatown in district 3 in an sro with anna family today, i'm here with the china progressive association.
2:27 am
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> so today, i'm here to urge you to oppose this 5 m project the reason why this development will lead to gentrification and the immigrant families in the community will be displaced from the city. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> if we allow to project we allow this exception i'm concerned this will only lead to more exemption and spread it other neighborhood and immigrant
2:28 am
families and lower-income families like myself will not be able to stay in the city. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> so i urge the commission to oppose this project thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners thank you for allowing me to speaker inform port of 5 m project i'm carlos a field represent with the carpenters union i represent 5 thousand carpenters 3 thousand belong to carpenters local 22 this project is done by a responsible developer with a contractor to build their project this project will provide thousands of construction jobs that pay a
2:29 am
fair wage to men and women for an honest today day of work this keeps the youth out of trouble and on the path to someday running a project like this one this provides fair jobs and creates housing for the same men and women that works on this project that will help with the housing crisis and it is a simple case of supply and demand the demand is great it pushes the prices for housing up the solution to catch up to the demands as soon as the supply passes the canned we'll see prices for housing going down in conclusion please push this project and others through the pipeline thank you for your
2:30 am
time. >> hello commissioners my name is chris, i live in the south of market neighborhood and the co-chair the stabilization funds if you've been there are no a selma community event you'll understand why people care about their neighborhood given the housing landscape there is an obvious fear ellis act veegz and population growth, new residents with high salaries with market and a side of greed is a recipe for fear but the city has been two slow to react to evictions and more money needs to go into affordable housing and more effected and efficient processes to react so i'm offering some
2:31 am
solutions first of all, prioritize the existing residents before the lottery system second is to identify residents that are most vulnerable to displacement and planning did a great job of identifying the 1/3rd of housing units not stabilize and third a more robust and reactive bike program 0 so for the opportunity that is only helping out with the small sites fund and also feinstein invest in a comprehensive and planning process for the filipinos cultural district the selma stabilization fund does some of the work but definitely can be expanded
2:32 am
thanks. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is romney a resident of tenderloin and member of the tenderloin alliance representing the tenderloin filipino-american association i'm here today to support the knowledge project the city 5 m has reached out to the alliance last month to to the tenderloin residents about the project i support this project because it brown will build for affordable housing for the very low income people just like me on a fixed income i'm happy they'll build senior housing and family housing important the low income and working-class family in the tenderloin this project will create units
2:33 am
that don't exist for a hundred of people that are otherwise forced to leave i think we're all on the same side we must stop displacing people this project is a good way to help people stay i urge the planning commission to approve the proposed 5 m project thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is restraining order all i live in tenderloin for 13 years now i'm a member of the filipino-american community association i hear many people talk about displacement and i just want to say i share their concerns
2:34 am
because of living is high and hard for the poor people like me this is exactly why i'm supporting this project not opposing this is building more affordable housing than almost any other project in the city and for those people who are on the list i'll say it is making san francisco a better place a place where more people can left leg for less i've lived in the neighborhood and one of the things i like best about this project not one person is forced out narcotics i think more people in the neighborhood who might be struggling will be able to stay here because of the project because of the many units of affordable housing that will be built i say yes for displacement by voting yes
2:35 am
thank you very much. >> good afternoon, commissioners i am a resident of tenderloin for 10 years now i am a member of tenderloin filipino community activation this project does special thing because it builds affordable housing for those people of the very lowest salaries
2:36 am
people who can't afford to live in san francisco in any other way in that way it has a safety noting net that didn't exist for hundreds of people that might be forced to leave i think we're on the same side we must stop displacing people this project is a good way to let people stay i'm from the neighborhood and i support the knowled5m plan a ri prices would be easier i know many people who might quality for the affordable housing who
2:37 am
otherwise will have to leave town or crowd into smaller apartments with the many people in them this plan is good for our community and i urge you to vote yes, thank you. (clapping.) >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is lorenzo i work and live in the tenderloin for 10 years now i'm speaking in support of knowledge project forest city 5 m reached out to the different organizations in the tenderloin under the alliance and also i know for a fact they've reached to the residents simply for many times so i support in project because it is bringing
2:38 am
affordable housing with it's buildings and that is good for our neighborhood none is going to be displaced or evicted because of this project and this is just the opposite it creates 2 hundred and 12 units of affordable housing so this project creates homes for the people with the at least this is the solution for displacement is housing to build affordable housing for people that can live in san francisco so i urge commissioners to do the right thing for affordable housing and support this project thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please and commissioners and the public we do have a number of speakers that their names have been called but a good stack at 2 o'clock a short break and
2:39 am
resume the. hi, thank you i'm here because i'm a new father affording san francisco is hard but it is another level when our affording it with a family i want to be able to raise maine family here and my kids to live in a city that is beautifully diverse be kltd and collectively and a project like 5 m are the things that make that happen we need projects that not only create more housing but create 33 percent affordable housing that is not only create new open spaces but privately funded not types of funding for open spaces new permanent jobs and real support for arts and community groups in the form of money
2:40 am
the housing crisis is effectively a bunch of great cities in the country a few are seeing reductions in rent i want to highlight a couple of examples earlier this year the washington post said the rents were going down no czech the headline increase the supply of apartments pushing rents down across all building and in brooklyn an amazing city their finally in the next two years are casting high rates of buildings and under two weeks ago in the wall street journal developers were stressing concern their rents are both to go down their say enough housing to take pressure off the housing market i hope we follow it and
2:41 am
you support 5 m >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon nominees a melissa i work with the filipino community center a nonprofit organization and in the excelsior or district 11 that serves one the last working-class filipino and immigrant communities in san francisco in addition to the selma i support the community call for a continuance for the 5 m i share the same concerns the wellness of the filipinos and the filipino community in san francisco citywide and the reality of this for them in y508 to 2011 the selma fm community works with the planning department to lay the ground work for the filipino heritage as part of the western selma no are order to protect and memorize the south of market filipino commuter shuttle assets and the taxicab driver proposed
2:42 am
the filipino society heritage special use district and identified boundary for selma this is a measure that the communities needs not project 5 m i of course, that 22 hundred filipinos will be interacted and i strongly urge to see the impact on the filipino and citywide thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is tina with gabriel san francisco an organization concerned with the organization of the women and families in san francisco i've been working with the filipino the immigrant community i support the process for more thorough complications filipino women area internal revenue families are concerned with the daytime and the rising costs in san francisco we know that here in the south of market there is already an eviction and
2:43 am
displacement crisis this- with this proposed project that will worsen this project we can't have that children we're recognizing also, this is a children youth and family zone and we would like the commissioners to support that this youth and family zone be electricity and that we recognize also, this is a filipino heritage district and finalize this is the filipino heritage not just to memorialized murals and monuments but to acknowledge they're alive and tyler filipino neighborhood in the selma right now we also acknowledge 22 hundred filipinos from the 5 block radius the 5m that didn't count all the filipinos in the neighborhood and count the number of immigrants and kwaishgs families in the neighborhood to be considered in
2:44 am
asking for in continuance it to consider the needs of the neighborhood as a whole and not just individual organizations that can organizations and people that can benefit from this but really understand the impact short and long term impacts it will have on the community i'll urging you commissioners today to push for a continuance on this process to greatly consider the needs of community and to push for planning for the people and not for profits city commissioners and i'm asking also that this city government prioritize the affordable housing as something that is in need of the community but in partnership with corporation that prioritize profits that's not the way we - for us to gain affordable
2:45 am
housing thank you. >> good afternoon planning commission and samantha an artist of the studio and cool arts a collaborative of the structural center and workshop i'm a youth developer serving the western selma from fulsome i find out about this project last week this is shaping but who is it for not the people that built it i i don't see the filipino communities anywhere because of the future without of the existing future giving people who built that you'll done this behind closed-door you know who i am samantha a first generation and grew up in la but found my
2:46 am
home in san francisco until the selma history tour and my last year showed me what was real in the wake of san francisco and in the middle of the union square is the ancestors first landing and yet have those battled recognized from the 1965 strike started which lead to a national workers movement to the displacement of our families manila town i hotels and the yerba buena center do you know that selma is the heart over 10 thousand filipinos is in the face traction i demand a continuance on the 5m development plan we need anti displacement and stabilizations plans for the filipino a prioritization of the existing
2:47 am
cultural and social and art spaces and a punish for the filipino heritage district we need youth and not only listen to our concerns but feel the effects of coming from a linkage of immigration and the grounds our ancestors have done bright future our shaping but who is it for not the people that built it i don't see the filipino community anymore extensive future our shaping without the cultural at its core forgetting the people that built it behind closed-door. >> we'll take one more speaker and the commission will take a short break. >> thank you, commissioners i have to high school students that needs to get back to school
2:48 am
i'm allen the director of the architecture foundation i'm happy to see we're a nonprofit that involves the san francisco youth and a appreciation with the engineering and the design process our mission to educate generation the san francisco's towards the impact that architecture and the design has on the environment we seek to share the bride pride and passion of those who shape the environmentalist in san francisco this summer as part of our design institute san francisco bay area high school students were put into a design team with the surprise the open space 5 m they leerntd the solution to the project they meet with professionals currently working on the project and . >> first hand how at the involve their problems a presentation
2:49 am
with critical design today two of the students are here to share they are on my leftish connecticut he will a ticket grader a college preparing and betrays trice a 12 grader i'll let him do the talking. >> hi my name is beatrice working on this project washers and dryers was interesting we learned about when it took to go make an open space in the city and see this involved taking into account the communities needs when we presented our final project to the 5m people their main comments were take into account what the community needs and that's exactly what the space is for to help the communities to aid them to have a nice place for them to spend
2:50 am
their days and i feel that is, we let this project continue it will do just that. >> hi, i'm eric connecticut he will i use a lot of open spaces throughout the city especially in my neighborhood in the richmond, however, i believe that open space is everywhere provides socialization for all ages it is beneficiary or beneficial to have open spaces it provides a nice cool area like a getaway sort of and i feel that is also good especially for myself a student i need to get away from the city i know stress and pressure. >> what not open spaces provide that for me. >> i want to thank you for your time and the parents that are here thank you very much for the
2:51 am
learning experience for those kids now get back to school. >> get back to school the commissioners will take a 20 minute break. >> joints hearing for thursday, september 17, 2015, i'd like to remind the public to proceedings. and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. commissioners, we left off on you're special calendar under. >> okay. we'll call some more names
2:52 am
(calling names) we'll give them time they might ♪ the overflow room. >> i'd like recommend those popcorns that maybe left in the overflow room in the east light court please make your way up to chambers 4 hundred at this time. >> if you're ready to speak. >> yeah. >> good afternoon, commissioners thank you for having this joint meeting this is the redevelopment reductions in selma we'll meeting e getting to see the daytime that respect on there 6 thousand sros displaced with the construction of moscone center and now we're getting ready to do it all over again, this so
2:53 am
wonderful about san francisco the predicate built to say fund bits the developers fee subsidies we can see which side of bread is buttered but there a lot of people that are miss understanding what they're 38 they might be brought up nexus study if you be it further resolved hundred units you need 50 for affordable unit for the people that will service the additional traffic and needs of those hundred units so that's without regard to displacement that you need 50 affordable units to just compensate for having that hundred luxury so if you want to add 33 affordable for the neighbors that gets up to 83 percent affordable if you want to count the numbers right i don't see that happening
2:54 am
there's a huge displacement of hole people welds to think we made san francisco and like to think we've made the neighborhoods that people love to come and visit yet we're on the chopping block the mtc plan in the bay area is calling for magnificent displacement the poor people can live somewhere else; right? as i've commented and others communities means something that is a san francisco value we hope you're going to continue this you also need to look at the daytime your currently allowing pays off or council ing through illegal airbnb and owner moevenz and speedy evictions theorist than construction people are by the time something affordable built in 2 to 5 years will be
2:55 am
available and betting on a prayer so this is go the to be continued also you're going to approve it at the current height not any spot zone the next time a person talks about this what percentage of jobs those are out of state or out of the bay area please continue this thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is nicole i'm the executive director of walk sf thank you for tmc the mind to review this project i'm going to comment on the transportation element or aspects of this project will be or there are a few things we excited about wider sidewalk along 15th and both sides of the street we'll really help to make that area more walkable our office is actually immediately
2:56 am
adjacent to the 5 m project so i walk there everyday and we are getting ready for the construction period but that part of fifth is very narrow situations and an oriented corridor we're looking forward to those aspects of the project and looking forward to more pedestrian eyes 80 on mary street and open space in the neighborhood not much open space in the neighborhood to go and have lunch to enjoy the beautiful weather we're having right now on the other end concerns with transportation the parking right now is very high for the area there's is over 5 hundred and 50 new parking spots brown-bag introduced into this project and if you look at the streets of selma and what's happening
2:57 am
current from a public safety prospective the streets of selma are dangerous in the city and our lower-income communities and selma are the ones that people are hit by vehicle traffic introducing 4 hundred and 50 new parking spaces that is 4 hundred anticipate 50 new trips every single day into the neighborhood we're concerned about public safety and this is right adjacent is 6th street one the most dangerous streets in the city and a lot of people with disabilities with sro housing and so weigh really you know want you to consider the parking ratios and right now there is a 7 percent of commercial - there's 7 percent of parking for commercial square footage so
2:58 am
we'll look at as a model and residential is .5 per residential unit which is the maximum without the conditional use permit the project is getting additional height because of the transit being close do transit it is reasonable that the parking space ratio should be reduced because so many people will be encouraged to take transit and quack and bike to the building thanks. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is joseph just for the
2:59 am
coalition of snow neighborhoods i have a letter to read dear commissioner president fong and commissioners whereas a forest city is proposing the heights and variance for the 5 m project of 270 feet towers whereas the ordinance was set out knees and exclude the 5 m from the transportation sustainability fee subsidies which is being currently proposed by the board of supervisors and whereas this ordinance is authorized and purchase of the property on mission street instead of the board of supervisors skepticism that as a separate item whereas the city is improperly removed the 5 m project from the eastern neighborhood and the central selma plan whereas the developer and city have included included the numbers from the planning process to faster track this
3:00 am
project whereas the spots zoning are create a rippling effect for other neighborhoods a second financial district in the selma neighborhood therefore, be it resolved that the coalition of san francisco neighborhoods opposed the 5m project and supports the approval of a code compliant project on this site signed george i have another comments personal comments this is in in fact message move in the rich people and get out poor people and filipinos leave i've was born in to san francisco and raised all my life except 78 years in the concentration camp after the
3:01 am
wary came back to japantown and kicked out again first, it was a - the second time a city development plan the japanese-american community was decimated at african-american community decimated another funnel attack on the filipino-american this is racism this is needs to be addressed what is happened this is happened in the past we've not learned our lesson from history you have to consider the placement of filipino-american in san francisco practical act accordingly. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is tony i'm board president of the heritage foundation our foundation is founded by those in the front line resistance to the eviction
3:02 am
of the elderly no 1977 i'm very trouble and very much concerned about the proposed development coming out south of market particularly encroaching on the filipino-american community our community didn't get enough recall or respected i don't know if you're familiar with the international hotel this was our neighborhood that neighborhood was obliterated and paved over by the greed by 5 m forest city we saw what forest city did to folks in brooklyn they don't care with the elderly are us they don't care about our community it is enelegant upon the planning commission the city
3:03 am
is for sale okay in the highest reaches of government heave seen that a city for sale it means our communities are for sale our community the filipino was displaced this man i will adjacent to chinatown and through development the 5 m project proposed south of market is the latest attempt to drive out the filipino yes us to drive us out from the homes and neighborhood the up zoning and sud will obliterate the sud will accelerate the displacement of thesis of filipino and the working-class youth and seniors in the south of market the folks that were evicted if the i hotel they're watching you the people that were there on the front lines tried to save the filipino community we're watching you, we are watching what you're decision will be it will have
3:04 am
far-reaching consequence in the years to come and quite frankly the decisions this body made in terms of development have been disturbing i'm a fourth-generation san franciscan the changes that have gone on in the city have not been good you, i mean you take the cultivate and the spirit and heart the community is being destroyed the city is dying you're at the helm please make our decision carefully and wisely and accordingly thank you. >> hi, i'm tommy with the housing rights community i'm here to support and ask for a continuance i'm strongly in support of the filipino district i support the working-class community in fiftd and mission
3:05 am
san francisco is losing it's working-class everyone talked about the middle-income but few know the phrase working-class this is the class where the working-class is pushed out of innovate neighborhood i've been into to work 5 or 6 tenants work i've seen it over and over what happens when you put a market rate development into a working-class neighborhood property values go up and rents for tenants and rents for businesses and small businesses can't afford big rent increases we're seeing it in the missions where i work because a lot of condo have gone up small businesses are being priced out this will happen here the heart of the small businesses and the working-class tenants will be pushed out if you put this project in the middle of that
3:06 am
working-class neighborhood there's a recent report as you may know san francisco is in the advanced stages of gentrification that's what this project is this project is part of that advanced gentrification we're seeing i live in the castro and i can tell you the market rate condo have gone up along market street that haven't trickled down to allow working-class and lower-income people in fact done the opposite pushed people out some are my friends pushed out and rent are astronomical it is directly contributed the condo and evictions when the twitter tax break happened we predicted that would happen the city you said no within a couple of months two blocks away we had 3 buildings
3:07 am
where tenants were talented with evictions and so we know that evictions follow those kinds of projects and putting market rate housing and tech offices into working-class neighborhoods we know that happens that's what your deciding whether you'll allow this to happen at fifth and mission sfard you have to protect this working-class neighborhood and stop thorough evictions and rents from higher and small businesses being pushed out keep that neighborhood in take as is keep protects working-class people and protect the filipino community that's your obligation thank you. >> i have -
3:08 am
>> while you're getting prepared quite a few of the speakers left (calling names). >> go ahead. >> good afternoon, commissioners i just going to do read a statement i wanted to say that the this was the street that in my grandparents also on 1915 that's an area i am interested please continue this until forest provide for sews for open
3:09 am
space and corrects their bad management for the last two years have been blacked out just as it was during the course world war ii they've been cited but not done anything about it as they're proposed the open space areas of this project will be skwaertdz between non-codes compliant and shadow and encompassed expose to mechanic noise being hid on the rooftop assessable by elevator this use for public benefit their please be advised the ringing of and use of cell phones, toxic is conceptual rather real ones no plant lists or landscape drawings of what's going in there as opposed to other projects at this stage of
3:10 am
development in addition to shadowing over their own open space than that cut down light direct and ambient that falls over the plaza the plaza is one of the areas they site as ideal but overwhelming the plazas anyway thank you for your time. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is andy blue i'm here as a member of the plaza 16 coalition a coalition of over a hundred organizations businesses, and thousands of residents of the mission district and across the city we've formed to oppose the monster in the mission the market rate housing that was
3:11 am
proposed for 16th street and mission we oppose this because someone coincide at a recent hearing here the monster in the mission is a gentrification bomb in the middle of a working-class traditional working-class neighborhood it will dramatic there the residential rents and commercial rents we know that is exactly what this 5 m monster will do to the selma is it so a gentrification bomb in the middle of selma a gentrification bomb in the middle of the youth and family zone this is a complete disrespect of the family something the community fought for for many years we know this project is a give away to developers the value of that property will increase in the million dollars and billions because of up zoning the exultant is asked. a continuance until there's an opportunity to make this project more suitable
3:12 am
for the needs of neighborhood the continuance is it absolute at least you can grant if you don't grant the continuance today it is clear where you stand it is clear that you stand for the greed of developers and not for the needs of community we'll watch who votes for continuance today you need to grant a continuance beyond that in my opinion this project should not be approved at the very least grant the community it's humble request for a continuance this project is fast tracked it is exactly the kind of project not to be faster tracked it will be for all intents and purposes the community gets it will be over and the millions of will be spent and a future organizations will benefit for all the artists that benefits a double had been
3:13 am
displaced from san francisco and every organization a dozen will be displaced from the district forever grant the continuance and oppose this project thank you >> hello i'm marlene morgan for san francisco neighbors network the san francisco neighborhood network is a 15-year-old organization of the community activists for all over the city that have been meeting to talk about the issues the good government and you know over the years we are advocates of communicated planning we just lost one of our most beloved community planners in district 6 jim medicare could that would be devastated to see who figure out hard for the area plans and district 6 is a district that is
3:14 am
so much changes have come to district of a vinyl district the area planning and the hundreds of dollars hours the community plans duty put in it is important it is disrespectful to the community planners and disrespect to jim for the city fast track to be taken out by the specialized used by a mayoral owners and simply allowed provisions that are not under any kind of plan and i would ask in terms of respect to our communities and went to our process that this be continued for future discussion thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners i will be speaking on behalf of the executive director and the directors of the counter poodle dear
3:15 am
members of the planning commission we apologize for not being able to deliver this message in person hopefully that letter will serve as a testimony in speaking on behalf of the trust open speaking on the community arts stabilization a partner of knowledge we have a building that is a 22-year-old nonprofit that provides space for merging artists and serves as a incubator for the men cultural we support artists and community members and host 3 hundred events annually without cast 8 our organization will have been without a viable solution for the ever changing city of san francisco through the c funding and so for the from the ken foundation and the community loan fund and the
3:16 am
mayor's office of housing and community development cast was able to purchase the adult theatre on turk upon paying off the loan it will be available for other things cast has troubled to the nonprofit sector and has demonstrated it's desolation to building the capacity of counter pool to move the needle afghan urban transmissions building a that time home for artist is further the vitality and communities thank you for your time and considerati >> thank you. next speaker, please call more names
3:17 am
(calling names). >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm with the asian pacific islander and work with the partner with the studios an 7th street and howard i want to talk about the filipino communities that is already been displaced in the conventions a 10 percent drop in the filipino communities in san francisco that rescued over the previous thirty years during that time we'll have displaced out of manila and the i hotel and bloomingdale and yerba buena center and south park passed by redevelopment in the planning commission their benefits associated but we see bottom line is displacement and this is a downward decline the 5m there is benefits yes historic benefits we acknowledge
3:18 am
that but that didn't actually counteract what displacement will happy we need time for the project to engage the filipino community and let them have a say instead of them being pushed out over and over again. >> we're asking for a continuance and the other thing we need the filipino heritage district if we continue to work on the filipino district there's a chance that some progress could be made with this divide and continuing we can have a region thank you for your time and please grant a continuance. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> okay. i'll call more names
3:19 am
(calling names). >> hello, i'm andy with the san francisco arts festival i'm here today to ask you to continue the 5m project as a member of the arts community i want to let you know the art are not a hundred percent behind the 5 m project one the in gas stations of how the arts get involved was the intersection of arts given a 7 hundred and 75 thousand dollars to do the space making with the 5 m what they were supposed to engage the filipino and why wasn't the money given to them to do it themselves that explicit happen so instead what
3:20 am
happened is the intersection of the arts were going out of business with no program we only do sponsoring no reason to put them mire they're not a functioning organization that anymore i think that when you make those cultural grants it is supposed to be so that the arts organizations engage the exultant that they're in intersection was not in the neighborhood on valencia street to in order to do this work it clearly hadn't been done i think what should happen the time given to do this it should be done so the rest of the selma should be able to have a word ♪ matter otherwise just another example of the arts being used for gentrification and that's not really the purpose of that grant the other things happening
3:21 am
in a few works times josh will sign legislation to make california the fourth state in the country with a program that recognizes the placement of zoning that will be bad if san francisco was a disastrous disaster it is important to do this properly thank you very much >> good afternoon, commissioners naming a herman i'm the president of the south of market association first of all, we should really realize there's no displacement it's not true no displacement, and, secondly, what this project will bring one thing it is within walking of the public transportation and to all the amenities so people can walk, and, secondly, we've got open
3:22 am
space it is someone else takes over the have a doubt space they'll build them up and no, it is an asset to have the public parks i'm supportive of that and lastly is that we can have more foot traffic the more we have the more successful and be able to grow in the area where it is right now not that much around there it is a really good project and of course we have the opposition i'm going go to look at the end of it is a good project and the $40 million that will come back to the community we'll benefit from i think this is a good project approve it and not continue it. >> good afternoon,
3:23 am
commissioners from the cultural district one thing i want to several points the first thing we need to support of the filipino heritage district and the family youth district and protect those districts placing flags or name a street on creates a museum for a long lost consult with the filipino heritage it needs to be a living cultural district that protects the people and businesses that educate it another point for those who stay in the housing for seniors that is great i got to ask where will they shop or eat where will they find a social services network and the extended family we know what happens to seniors when i cut off their support and for jobs
3:24 am
what does your future look like can you afford what our building how long a lot you do that arrest the project will increase property values crossing the areas attracting speculators you know that everybody knows that we can't deny that we've seen in the western selma and happening in the mission i think we need to look at the future of this community not just the building and the immediate future and the benefit it creates now we need to look at protecting this neighborhood in the future that the best types of benefits you can give is the development to the protection of the neighborhood for the future to sustain itself and give the community that chance for their community for the sake of san francisco so, please continue this project thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please okay. so let me call a couple
3:25 am
of the last cards (calling names) if there's any other folks line up on this side of the room thank you. >> my name is jason i'm in the program manager the workshop one the oldest - i support the communities call for continuance to the 5m until the filipino heritage district and some of the families and suds and fruition on december 10th for most of my adult life i've worked with the nonprofits and
3:26 am
remained steadfast i was born here didn't grew up back then my parents couldn't afford so we respect to fremont instead there's a lot of been said about what the plan is for 5 m have been doing for ouch overview outreach to the city by to the unnegligental practices why are we settling for terrible. >> not just given opens who needs are being centered and excluded why wouldn't people be skeptical like corporations are looked like tools to increase investments it is communities that build cities not just people over the last few years the city's rapid expansions creates
3:27 am
a bigger wealth gape from 2011 to 2013 i lived in texas for people were moved out for condos and us and now a version of it once was and made it interesting and nothing pained that picture more when heels people were being used for hot hot spotting in the developers want to interact with the exultance it not going to be centered your or around their needs postpone this to december and do the hard work that's the kind of city to strive for . >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon,
3:28 am
commissioners my name is susan marcus i'm here in support of the displaced the filipino and the selma community for continuance of ever this project this project will grant is an enormous gift to the developer possible to the tune of $1.7 billion it increases the part of project by over 4 times the allowable of the area plan and greatly greatly increasing the property values on a project that maternity be built by the project sponsor it will raise property values. >> courage the speculators to displace the washer and the filipino continent in the meadow radius we've seen it, too to many times and in the mission this would be a tragedy and this
3:29 am
would be worse than a freaking in the middle of the filipino heritage district lead to the ends of the selma as a vulnerable as a designation site for new immigrants and to the living filipino cultural that the filipino heritage district has been established should represent please don't do this don't give grant this kind of gift to the developer please does not contribute for more displacement in selma and please don't create a physical environment not conducive to raising children because of the shadow and the lights please don't do this, please continue this project and give time to create a better plan i ask you grant the continuance thank you.
3:30 am
>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello and oliver the managing director of studio the longest continually black box theatre in selma i'm here to urge a continuance on this project and i'm going to out might have i'm one the outside organizes came from stockton and volunteer in the south of market because i love the community and i love san francisco and the ideals that you know we believe it stand more exclusiveness i do this in san francisco i feel less invisible as filipino-american we are the largest asian ethic group in the stay but often feel ignored and
3:31 am
invisible i feel the other immigrant working-class communities in san francisco are also being rendered invisible you, you look at the projects the demographics according to the policy links and usc san francisco will be less difference and anymore integrated it was what happened with the rest of the nation is becoming more diverse we're headed toward a majority minority and hopefully more inclusive society san francisco is heading in the opposed direction that is shameful find it absolutely shameful not
3:32 am
evolution to me or progress to me so i'm asking the spot to please vote for a continuation so we can consider how washgs immigrant communities in san francisco, california continue to be preserved thank you. >> okay. let's do this sir this is one group of kids; right? heath's let's hear them next to get back to the school programs and i'll ask everybody tend to shakespearian speak get to this side of room i'm not going to call any more names organ yourselves how you want to
3:33 am
speak. >> hello, i go to the c betsey carmichael and 11 years old and we support 5 m and hello my name is isabel a i go to betsey carmichael in sixth grade and to the united players and i support 5 m (clapping.) >> okay thanks guys next grown up speaker. >> ; is that right please hand those - >> good afternoon john taco group first please throw this out as
3:34 am
soon as i say this i saw a dozen mistakes there's a thousand units of affordable housing they especially\identify even the wonderful house and the public housing are not detected the department can't do this kind of inadequate work the department this is a to map the affordable housing in the city neighborhoods our number one issue in town are you have to have adequate mapping and data to talk about those issues this is embarrassing as a as you may know we support 5 m despite the hash fact it will accelerate the gentrification of selma it is ongoing it is the community building elements that lays the foundation for the neighborhood we have to rebuild that's why we support it there are important
3:35 am
details not resolved the shadows of the yerba buena gardens garden were not mentions by the staff they're serious 1.6 million shadow hours that fail fortunately late national average but on the areas and the children's playgrounds circle it dmeert to the people what bureaucracy controls it and the mitigation needs and there should be mitigation for the usability and the people using them by improving other parts of the gardens underutilized one area or a new activity area could be created and there is one we proposed that in order to do that it will take money the forte city pay for the shadows equal to $2 over
3:36 am
$3 million that will do the job, and, secondly, you've heard about the contingency program but it was developed by city staff and it really has not gone through a community discussion just a lot of generalized hearing the parts i want to focus on that opportunity the youth services and job the local neighborhood kind of programs clearly you've heard distrust in the room what is needed a transparent process and a community setting where all those can be programmed and who gets the granted and so on is done a transparent and fairway that's our south of market selma citizens advisory committee what is already doing the same job over $25 million with the rincon hill i'm on that committee we've been diagnose it for 8 years that's the committee that should
3:37 am
be used to finalize how the funds are spent in is an open way where there is trust thank you. >> hi, i'm rob a senior director, llc we're the largest agree grate of food trucks in the company approximately three years ago we parted with forest city for the food at fifth and general listen or win employee equally building the core opportunities to small businesses mainly small food trucks over the years hundreds of small business owners have the opportunity to sell to the experience of the economic
3:38 am
vitality that forest made possible approximately 55 percent of the vendors we work are minority and 33 percent are women owned businesses another one to bring economic vital to benefit small food entrepreneurs that benefits the local communities by creating foot traffic that basically facilitates an awareness of the area and awareness of small businesses in the area and finally our other goal to create communities around our events we believe that our events create community by basically giving the opportunity for people to connect in a temporary space and learn about their neighborhood and meet the eastbound neighbors wrap up we support the 5m project and genuinely building that the 5 m project shares our values for supporting small
3:39 am
businesses and creating economic vitality and building communities thank you. >> hi good afternoon. my name is a dining martinez i work at the sro collaborative a program under delores street services we are a member of the coalition after being involved with the sro tenants we have seen the direct effects of how big luxury developments hurt the lives of sro residents sro rents are skyrocketing and what's more there are so many illegal conversions from sro units to tourist hotel if sro units to luxury units and this is
3:40 am
something that happened directly after those big luxury condos are being built and we are - there are so many laws and so many housing codes that are being availed in san francisco i don't understand why one would want to set persistence precedent of having more zoning ignored in san francisco you're sending a message you're going to ignore not just selma but all neighborhoods in san francisco so really we must protect selma we can't continue to ignore the communities that built this city i understand that there are some so-called community benefits that might help the area by the time those tangible community benefits happen do you think
3:41 am
that many members of the filipino communities will still even be there the effects of gentrification have been very quickly especially in the city and we have to protect the people who live in these neighborhoods and we can sit here and explain over and over and ero how those big developments cause gentrification but it seems as to you don't care and i really, really want to disapprove that because you can see the result we can feel the result sro tenants apartment tenants everyone in the city can feel the results so it is time for you to take a stand for the communities of san francisco i am not no support of knowledge the sro community is not in
3:42 am
support of the 5 m and the majority of city thinks that city hall is for that prove us wrong thank you. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> good afternoon. i'm geraldo i reside in a sro in the mission. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> aso a lot of the developmet
3:43 am
you're approving is going against our city is it so in displacement and the reputation of so many immigrants in san francisco. >> (speaking spanish.) >> you truly are making it easy to encourage the displacement and the came a time of people who are born in san francisco. >> thank you. >> how we doing. >> good afternoon. i'm laura guzman representing the 16 coalition and co-chair i testified on monday by starting with a quote government must be take care of it's citizens from
3:44 am
over 2 hundred people it is time for us guys to start taking care of the filipino community and all those how are effects by the selma district we're here to ask you to definitely do a continuance and both the youth district and the manila historic district spelled out because we've seen is the mission have problems with the developments we've supported and then when the time came did not support it any of the communities didn't support it or organization over a hundred thousand people as a fellow commissioner, i want to urpg to represent and support the people your appointed to represent and you know reading today, the history of those developers this developer has a long history with city hall to
3:45 am
do other developments didn't happen so i really think this is time to not promise but assure that the filipino communities will not be part of the displacement and you really care for the citizens our elected to protect thank you very much vote for continuance. >> hello, again my name is naomi zone i'm part of the mission bruno chapter of ace i'm here again i don't want to be here duo again but you don't care what is going on in the - what is going on in the city economic and why will
3:46 am
it count let's just break making it hard for people to live hereafter your gone after the people of the city are gone there will be repercussions with the city for generations we will not have a filipino community statistically the african-american communities from 12 percent or 13 percent in 1970 is now between 4 and 2 in the mission it is - the
3:47 am
mission with 65 percent filipino it is down to 38 percent what are you not getting. >> if you vote today will you want a city only for the rich and only for a certain ethic group that is what you're creating somebody spoke about it once we the enterprises entrepreneurs where are regoing to live they're not going to live here they are going to live in ann i don't care and it is it is disingenious to bring folks
3:48 am
of color and say do this when they have not been taught their history of genocide so do not whatever community benefit there is it is minor to what it will create thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners including but not limited to a chet with the sro collaborative also born and raised in the tenderloin also an amp u alleyway enthuse of bvmentd i urge for a continuance. here we are again, we're here to explain the crisis to speak out
3:49 am
against luxury housing and to be honest we're a little bit fed up and there's comes it went when people get tired their comes a time when people get tired of being tramples on by the steel hooves of development there comes a time when people get tired of being divided and conquered by economic impesters and there comes a time when people get tired of being displaced manila town yerba buena and now possible the selma i don't know where you expect those communities to go it is clear it is not in this city there comes a time when people get tired of their city becoming
3:50 am
a playground for the rich and wealthy and if you don't think this is becoming that look at the dream forest conference so in the midst of the torridlyness people rise up and protest for justice to protest against the purposeful dismanual of their community you have witnessed this week after week so the question remains what will you do? will you heed the call from the people? will how plan for an inclusive san francisco it is will you provide compassion to a communities that seen none if this city i can't answer those questions for you their fate is not in my
3:51 am
hands it is in your hands and your hands alone thank you >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is anna i'm an individual artists and a director of cool artists a thirty years old community arts in san francisco dictated dedicated to the preservation of arts it's been my home since 1966 my children grew up here and my grandparents and father are buried here over the years i've witnessed the displacement of the filipino community due to develop including the fillmore and manila town and yerba buena and selma i'm not against development not at all but this 4 acre on fifth and mission is one the rapid and
3:52 am
drastically changes san franciscans are facing the long-standing filipino communities are increasingly vulnerable to those shifts and their effects let's keep our city unique colorful character agency a city of diverse neighborhoods like no other in the world it honors historical tricked of the cult and san francisco is an amazing place to live and visit and raise families i urge you to recognize the hard work by both our commission planning commission with the filipino community and recognize the filipino heritage district i stand before you with many leaders of the filipino communities to urge you to vote for continuance for the 5m and allow us to those as part of this project thank you.
3:53 am
>> if you put it on the screen that will come up. >> okay. >> so i'm the program manager that the collaborative a program with the community street services we have been following thank you - >> work and also changes within the new developments coming in and work with the tenants that have lived in the housing in that area and relocated when i got here today, i felt this was important that the mayor's office shared with you all counting private sros as stabilizing units in the community i don't know if you
3:54 am
see right at the bottom next to the sros it says subject to h co so let me say the mayor's office have a couple of units if not two or three units not much and a few knows not every single privately owned sro is a stabilizing unit in the city this is the reality everyday we come across tenants facing frivolous eviction so the landlords can increase their rents you probably have heard the tech hotels where 8 by 10 room is one thousand $400 so i just want to call your attention to this the unions in the report not every single unit is affordable theirs maybe two or three units per hotel the reality is the sros tenants are leaving the units is that
3:55 am
they're facing rent increases and evictions as a result of new high-rises i want to talk you to about another sro hotel i know if you heard of the i hotel what a tragedy so many people evicted it took the city 25 years 25 years to acknowledge that they were wrong to acknowledge they could and should have are supported it even gave them a sign which about did not bring back the filipinos to the town so i ask you to we're not asking like to vote no, but take a closer look to advise the city the board on land issues that's assuring the community please continue and take a closer look at this project let's really fought what is going to be the
3:56 am
impact housing and huge development will impact this community and has taken a close look at the report and evidence that has been presented to you such as the community benefits really take a closer look that's all wear asking thank you. >> hi cultural action network? height appropriate i want to remind i say yellow areas are the areas that are already existing buildings the white are the existing zoned areas and the red are the spot zoning
3:57 am
we are having problems with how much spot zoning is being considered this is crack for gentrification this is developer crack if you approve this this will make speculators salivate and get very excited please okay that's one of the things i just want to remind you tiny little yellow buildings, white buildings still present plenty so much to do for the existing zoning we're still having problems getting the existing zoning to work out look at this developer crack okay please don't feed did addicts next, i would like to remind you that a continuance is very smart still things coming out at the end of the project that/should have been in the beginning of
3:58 am
the project and people hurt can you please - you guy is i have respect you're smart more inclusive tonight together and the rich riches are getting plenty of game play please don't make developer crack thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please hello, i'm nick salazar's a regular person i can't afford those luxury condos and it is hard to see people in my neighborhoods be displaced i hope you guys give us us the break and do the right thing that's all i have to say. >> thank you. >> hi commissioners i'm teresa
3:59 am
i've been to many hearings several community and mid mall mergers before that i had already realized that 5 m forest city are placing dirty first of all, dividing our communities their dividing our communities now they did it in the early 2000, 2 thousand one now they promised a place it was a common agreement but those fcc couldn't afford the hoa so they had to be taken and right their, their logged on at the fourth street and mission and struggling to launch and on the center then i went to a meeting last week with the mid mall residents they intentional didn't give
4:00 am
responsive copies to us and after the meager they actually took up the copy of the response to the letter of the one of the mall residents because it was not final i want to make sure that response is on language i - my family went to church and saw the park went there and asked my dad said ask to hang out this security said okay. but not the homeless i want to see language everybody in the south of market what about included in any of this new open space retail space you're going to be hero rental expensive you know i'm really angry right now they're not telling the people the truth they're throwing out numbers millions of
4:01 am
and those are easy fixes what about the future your visiting of inviting gentrification and us to lose our entire communities then i want the city this city has apologized gentlemen after 25 years since 1977 to the filipino community after the i hotel this city owes big time an apology to the filipino community tote people that resisted at a time including my relatives that are actually in there you have to understand what direction do you want the city to go to your inviting them those these developers are not responsible only responsible for themselves they want to get what we want how about us the filipino communities or the
4:02 am
filipino social heritage and our homeless populations and everybody please help us. >> thank you. >> hello names a patricia occurring man i've been a voter here in san francisco since 1970 i watched a lot of changes in the city and most of all lastly are not good good i've been life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to the people coming up here and speaking today and many other times but just today, there were certain things p that really stuck with me listening to the judge the voices of the people you have one group and there's lining like deavoid of emotion and other group this passion you know this cry coming from them
4:03 am
and i hope your hearing it yesterday, i was at the main library right near here and watching the of all the i hotel an incredible documentary it is too bad you didn't make it it would be informative for you to thinks this type of destruction after a communities does to the people not just you know to the buildings i'm talking about the people your displaced especially, as a senior it wrecks havoc on you depression is more and more happening to the seniors what their displaced or removed from their communities and the familiar surroundings it increases they don't want to
4:04 am
leave their homes think of this was your mother your fought or grandmother, your gather what would you do then? i want to know why those large projects to make corporations rich err fast tracked and yet trying to get lower-income housing seems to take forever this is crazy to me and i also don't understand why people can't vote on this board who gets a seat i mean not necessarily all of you but i think we should have a voice thank you >> thank you. >> hi i would my life in selma
4:05 am
and my kids are here and my job i'm an immigrant they have eviction hit me, please do the right thing for the purpose for the communities and continue this to - please thank you thanks. >> hello, i work with folks in the mission district i'm here for the continuance of knowledge project we're building a farm at crocker amazon from the public works and the city and it's been a behalf project one the things that struck me about this project there was an injured butterfly and had to go through the ceqa
4:06 am
process to protect the butterflies what are the same mechanisms that we're using to protect our people and communities that built this city we have people who have relatives at the i hotel what are redoing to make sure they're going to be housing for other folks that are displaced housing for the kids that are all right homeless one of my friends at betsey carmichael 10 percent of the kids are homeless living in shelters how are we passing a project we've haven't raefrndz and done our druns due diligence for the people of san francisco to make sure those problems are addressed and there's not going to be any more of the slrt or accelerated displacement we need to continue this because you work for the people and the people need to be protected just like that butterflies at crocker
4:07 am
amazon what are we doing to make sure we're not giving special privileges and rights to people with money; right? san francisco we're not supposed to be that kind of city that breaks zoning rules we've organized in the midst and the excelsior he have to dot all the i's and cross the t's when we are talking about affordable housing and building it; right? why do people with money get special zoning rules why are reusing it crack building; right? that explicit make sense and feel we need to study and talk to the communities and donna go door knocking i appreciate the community mergers that have happened obviously a discord and angry and pain in the community and you are accountable to us so, please vote for a continuance on this project and make sure that those kids are
4:08 am
that are scared of homeless are included in the equation thank you. >> thank you. >> hello good afternoon my name is joanne cruz i'm a mother and live in san francisco been here for 15 years a filipino-american and the patience manager for audio pharmacy that is a san francisco-based collective over the last 15 years my original story of this place was one of love and nurtured my creativity and my communities creativity and our ability to share our stores stories to thrive what is the happening happened no specific to selma but all over the city the development of that is causing
4:09 am
gentrification we have been - most of you guys have been on the planets for a long time ultimatum history in this place it specifically tells us will be that story what is that story do you know the original people of this place do you pay attribute to the people how this was once their place their home it is once called another name this is a continual story that needs to stop i that that all of us have learned so much over time that profits okay do not precede the correction connection we have with each other as people and our connection to this land okay so i want to encourage all of us if that pursuant to think and
4:10 am
pray and to find connections not just with ourselves or the vendors but those people because we're all one people we're the people of san francisco and i know we can do better than this i've traveled all of the world and seep thiser over and over it is happening in my neighborhood and everyone else's neighborhood and this was a place a place of refugee where innovation thrives take a moment to pray and really think about the connection and how we can make that a better plan because that is not the best plan to come up with. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hello good afternoon. i live in the excelsior neighborhood i'm also part of bye northern california i used to work in the
4:11 am
south of market with the filipino education center betsey carmichael middle school i've been working there for 5 years i've seen so many of the students eats families been displaced i want to say the displacement in selma didn't exist to see that zero conditions south of market i've known so many personal contacts that have left their school and friends to afford to sustain somewhere else we've already had a legacy of displacement at filipino community in san francisco i've seen the i hotel and to reassure that so we're skiing to really plan prioritize for the people and not just for the people's people that bring profit we may not be the biggest profit making community as a filipino communities of color but we are the workers and the
4:12 am
caregiver to the youth and seniors that keep the city alive and make that rich in culture and history it is time you plan for us and mare us out thank you for your time. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi other people robert marquis lived in the city since 2000 and come to ask for a continues on the 5m there recent time to develop a stabilization for the existing communities that has been seeking for the filipino heritage for years how do we know we need a continuance after 10 years and hundred and 50 plus meeting the filipino is not recognized in the 5 m project document in comparison the theater which bought in 2012
4:13 am
and opened last may currently running a show called monstrous which in a statement the ac r director of the plays was selected because it wlookd the filipinos and as we open a new theatre adjacent to the hubs of filipino cultivate my question is how the 5m account for the communities of a hundred and 13 pages as the planning commission what kind of city for your legacy a few days ago the arts commission have it's not paper that's one layer that made this place special what is next the current no mission or chinatown or filipino community or selma are we're going to vacation to la me perp i'm not from selma i - my experience i first moved to
4:14 am
breshg and within 6 months i found the cult in the south of market that taught me my cultural art and my cultural or encouragement ami i've learned the filipino cultural artists i've been teaching in the south of market i teach it for free it is done in the place where it is afford and with that, i've trained security guard that were attacked by guards and protecting people i've worked with people that come from histo you get imposed to tonight an event going on in the unifies plaza and understand people are trying to foster something on
4:15 am
microsoft it is hard to create a community that one exists and needs support we're asking for a continuance so this can be done in a thoughtful way and recognize the existing communities thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon planning commission i'm maria i was in the mission with immigrants tenant that are fighting evictions displacement and harassment fields by irreparable market rate development similar to what you're trying to pass through today, i'm concerned the planning commission a dismissing a 1r50u7b8 community and this is not an responsible development we need development without displacement and fill that plan
4:16 am
can be put in place this project needs the continuance. >> the 5m project will completely general, if any, the neighborhood and cause evicts and drive out the washgs residents and small businesses in silver selma and the nonprofit we're seeing this trend all over the city and as the 5m project is approved it will only accelerate this process in selma as you may know all developers are to maximize the amount of light and shadow and parks and rubke this project does the opposite holes if in project that needs to be addressed there are ways in which this has not answered questions it needs to be continued
4:17 am
where is the analysis of the increasing rent when you add value to land like the massive zoning of the 5 m we've seen it in the mission and other parts of selma you can't make luxury condos and towers in a working-class neighborhood without consequences to the residents that analysis needs to be define to thoroughly study the impacts of this project this magnificent up zoning he is a gift of the market rate vendors a gift the city is giving up it's power from the city is sending a message that will ignore all neighborhoods zone is necessary to protect the existing cult and infrastructure
4:18 am
of the neighborhood if you're giving those up zoning away what is the power that we have we need to develop for people not-for-profit and develop without displacement and build in our neighborhood that is development for our neighborhoods to have your neighborhoods in minded please continue this project until you can do that. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> good afternoon. i'm t.j. on behalf of the board and staff to call for a continuance through december as residents of the selma nearly 3 decades we've been based on in the neighborhood along the previous locations including the space an karen street with manila and chinatown asian-american solidarity - that while on
4:19 am
unending displacements has necessitated our relocation several times over the selma is now what we call home and invested in piss future a future future that helps to shape it before the tech boom people of color and lower-income workers and members of the lgbt mom and pop businesses and a mri idea of social service organizations those are the stakeholders that should be at the helm we resist the rationale behind the push for the well funded project developments in the area funded special projects without comprehensive clougs we're an arts organization we understand we're part of the larger
4:20 am
dependent eco system we stand with the filipino communities i'm proud to be proud of and the vietnamese and others chinatown and mission who will be dramatically irreversiblely effected the projects by which the projects have been unfolding for the threatens of the - the 5 m project is dwrieven by the desire to have profit and didn't include the impacts that those towers will have on the surrounding neighborhood 5 m will - they're listening is selective at best as artists and cultural workers we dare to live in a city given the space and respect to thrive in the places we've helped to build i urge to consider the long term effects
4:21 am
and voted to continue the proposal through please. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is mary and i've been reresiding in the timing neighborhoods for the past 20 years a con evaporation i was only allowed one minute as and mentioned previously when i started my life in the city i've been fortunate to learn the catalyst charities their office and events was able to get a job to help with the locals economy i've had a child born and raised in the south america's and went to preschool when 2 and a half years old she went to betsey carmichael and before she turned 5 he visited the school with her and her dad and we find out it
4:22 am
was a thirds world school in a first world city we worked with the board of education and had the funding approved and got our own preschool and also an elementary and rec and park the fundamentally put of a park in the neighborhood and we this is our communities we feel our children deserve to be raised here and be able to reap the benefits of our hard labor we share in other stories you know when neighbors get married we share in neither celebration we go to funnels and sympathies with them we want to continue to live here with a 5 m community we would like to be allowed to
4:23 am
co-exist and live with them we're all god's children and deserve a piece of heaven so commissioners in our wisdom hear us out and consider the communities and i would request you vote for a continuance we have to continue to talking about this project thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm with the veterans equality center i'm here to urge you not to vote on the 5 m project today i hotel you have heard it repeatedly not but it is a buzz word or sexy not because it makes one kind of like in the know of what's happening because i hotel is something we haven't learned from if we remember and i don't think
4:24 am
i need to remind a lot of people i hotel the communities of the filipinos manila town they were swallowed by financial district this is a what happens a which 5 m moves to the south of market again, the is it wasn't that along but when you talk about displacement people won't say offering we're not displacing anyone or demolishing a building we're demolishing parking lots but we haven't realized the indirect cause of land displacement it it makes the property in the neighborhood very expensive and it causes a lot of families working-class families small businesses, nonprofit, nonprofit all of
4:25 am
those people will not be able to stay to live in a very expensive neighborhood again.orgs in the mid mall we came before the planning commission because a lot of the small businesses were not given any expectation on their leases were not renew their lease because the owners feel the small retail spaces can be converted into expensive office because it is more lucrative let's think about what 5 m brings to us again, it is too high i saw people say it is high and height and bulk an issue and the planning commission said we should be talk to the developers and we had asked them how it looks if it can be misdemeanor
4:26 am
they say we will have no intention of building smaller prioritize the filipino district and protect the children youth and seniors and families in the slment, and please help us plan for people and not-for-profit if you vote today you are going to be displacing a lot of people in the south of market thank you. > thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners names a ray i'm a community service worker at the veterans center i'm urging you to let the 5 m to build and families in the community of san francisco what we- instead of entertaining the short-term i grew up in san francisco specifically in the
4:27 am
mission and i found a community in south of market because there was a big filipino communities and presence in the south of market i say was so with the 5m proposal i don't know the future of that there should be a filipino heritage district and in driving the filipino community in the district it's been put on the back burner it is what is happening and put out there you know in the whole city so i ask you i want my children to experience and have a filipino heritage district in san francisco it's identity is important i urge the communities to vote for a continuance on this project thank you.
4:28 am
>> thank you. next speaker, please and good afternoon. i'm allen a recipe of so for for approximately thirty years 20 of those years as a worker and a residents of south of market area first of all, i want to commends all of you for your attendance activeness i know this a long and tedious process i've been to many meetings like this i went to a redevelopment meeting years ago and one of the commissioners was cutting as nails thank you for not cutting your nails and your good manicure you takeover of (laughter). >> i'm here to speak first of all, you've heard the arguments and for and against i side want to talk about this selma communities and how tight it used to be how we fought and ate together how we marched tonight
4:29 am
this is now splintered and i call out to all the organizations and individuals and residents of this south of market to please does not let this project slirnt us we're better than that and stronger and there has to be something in the middle to help us heal he within we all need to talk about the real problem in san francisco at hand the affordability crisis we're facing everybody not only the people that are low income or middle-income even the tech workers with complaining how this city is just beyond affordability now so i think this is what we have to focus on unfortunately, the new developments can feed both this crisis so i through speculation, through you've heard all the arguments of what t is going to happen with this project i think
4:30 am
we should look at solutions and that's the reason we need a continuance through this 5 m project we need to explore more services to the existing community and the historical community that has been here for generations literally we need to talk about more if there are communities benefits how we're going to safeguard i agree it should going to the selma stabilization funds also a comprehensive communicated planning process for a try filipino heritage district it is long awaited and a long deserved i ask for your continuance to allow the community to heal from what is going on right now thank
4:31 am
you for listening. >> all right. hi i have my phone don't think i'm texting i'm young i'm a residents on i think side went a san francisco organizer and evict taking a break a lot of it has to do when a with what's happening i support the 5m i'm here to say i'm neutral as a person but organizationally he support it because i agree with that i've heard the arguments happening people against gentrification and people for it condo development, etc., etc. as the previous speaker brought up there's a huge split in the communities and a lot unhappiness there's a lot of
4:32 am
emotionally soul taken out of the communities and myself i've not been organizing and feel the emotional town hall i'm in support of my community not been angry as one developer in chinatown said all the complaints that is an issue around the city and not just to the selma i'll all for the support and is the support from the opposing or for the supporting side but i do urge you guys to please make a decision you feel will be the best decision in which everybody what come to a compromise and the developer can you know change it good but that the communities is not to the point we feel we're being hurt i'm here for the people and myself
4:33 am
and the city organization so i also want to give you kudos i've been here many times people don't make eye contact with me especially because i'm young thank you very much. >> we'll go ahead and tell you if you want to speak line up on this side of room the special folks to make a special accumulation maybe come on up. >> i'm a community organizer and a block away from one the projects i have attended hearings and organized community meetings and 5 m promised community benefits but the communities benefits are not real and are at issue because by the time any type of
4:34 am
community benefits come openly i believe the filipino communities in selma that be wiped out for once and first of all, ask the commissioners to that and act for the best interests the community not the developer that gets tons of moaning money mr. mr. took no action for 5 m today thank you. >> how about that youth group is there someone representing those kids that came in okay yep. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm gabriel from spur this project has been in the planning process for seven years now i think it is is it fair to say we know we know about the pros
4:35 am
and cons we're going to know i'm here to support the project for a lot of reasons the building design and the people with disabilities are strong you've heard about that the project is in the right place where the central by the way, and bart come together so people get around without owning a car because the conversation does about affordable housing and that is what i think is most important to talk about this project is achieving an unprecedented level of affordability and it is found ways to do that within the area and the number of affordable units being created is i think the most relevant answer to the debate that you're hearing we
4:36 am
were in a tough time in the city the community is being torn apart by the expensive housing no disagree if 5 m is not built not like it neighborhood is not going to be abnormal from the mission every single neighborhood is having a housing crisis right now the neighborhoods with no development with whatsoever are having a housing crisis the only answer he know is to bring prongs like this into being that produce a lot of avenue, i you don't does not think that gets better than this in terms of projects coming before you thank you very much. >> good afternoon commissioner
4:37 am
i'm jamie i am part of housing program and has on a member of the equality center for sometime, i spent a good portion in the central selma community and i believe and will continue to believe that south of market community is my home it part of the filipino communities home and i hope it continues to be part of the fabric the san francisco city if you guys so choose in part it is actually a good transition from the person that poke of affordable housing my everyday work is an tenant attorney this piece there are debates to both times the numbers don't add up but the numbers in the eir don't add up
4:38 am
seniors have come up supporting this project saying they support senior housing nothing in writing saying there's seniors housing going to be developed and some misleading i've taiblg talked with seniors that have been provided testimony and they're a bit confused what we were supporting and confused about the affordable housing aspect piece if you look at the numbers there is gap spending that is counted as part of 33 percent i don't feel is a fair representation how it is used for affordable housing and if we get to the heart of affordable housing oftentimes the big question is this project for us or isn't it a lot of time we need a crystal ball for the future but we right now we have in our hand realtime crystal ball june 29, 2015, forest city
4:39 am
0 karate's the coast this is now greenland secures it hundred homes for 15 building the mega project on the east coast what's the range for 5 hundred and 65 to $7 million if anyone in if room could raise their hand and say who can afford a $7 million mortgage but until then important study on this so-called affordable housing including the senior slants no written documents it supports that then i urge you that it is your moral and ethical your rightful duty to continue this and fallout study this project
4:40 am
thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please >> commissioners, thank you for making the accumulation for the kids they need to go and do their homework after this. >> good afternoon, everyone. planning commission i'm john i'm here with the filipino multi service located in the south of market here to represent us and our youths concerns about what this you guys are up to with regards to 5 m and this impact that is really, really bringing up it to the attention of what's happening i've been part of west bay as a volunteering in college and upon graduating decided to represent not only my filipino
4:41 am
roots but i believe working with the youth seniors and families in the south of market with regards to what is going on 5 m is basically step on our traditions and our roots by not recognizing filipino heritageness and that sorry - i'm absence nerves they'll recognize and protest the cultural assets that contribute to the south of market i feel like 5 m is taking away from that that's why we're here to represent and show you our support for our communities and to not take this away from us thank you. >> good morning, everyone. commissioner i'm greg i'm
4:42 am
representative the footprint center we demands an anti plan for the orientation that provide services for the filipino including the youth and families we demands the stabilization plan for the filipino including the eviction and small site acquisitions and los angeles banking for avenue and demands there is filipino integrated into the curriculum xapdz to all schools nationwide thank you for your time. >> so good afternoon, commissioners i'm vivian the executive director at west bay radios are the families we serve the commissioners, if we look at the big picture that is prepared presented to us this is a picture that tells us filipino
4:43 am
on or near matter we've been having evictions by increasing property values for many in years your community clamors for a filipino district nothing has happen and those situations continue today but what makes it worse a new plan that ignores the continued eviction of my people and hair aspirations san francisco is a japantown and chinatown what about us the plans that's been on the bank burner for many years will be o bliltd by this project 23 that didn't mention we don't exist commissioners what is my - what my communities is trying to tell you is plaguing this is sdremgs against filipino no communities
4:44 am
should be treated that way we don't think the problem of discrimination can be solved today, we're asking you to listen to the filipino communities the second largest asian-american communities in san francisco and the largest asian-american in the country tlls 4 mole of us to see how we're treated in san francisco we should have a real say in that and i'm going to submit comments from our children that are going to talk to you. >> thank you. next speaker, please >> hello, i'm latonya a community organizer i see this going on everyday i see people
4:45 am
displaced and they say heritage everyone has and heritage everybody wanted to grab into their heritage why should we displace the greedy hope you vote to continue this we need to look at this better those are the people who you serve take heed thank you. >> hi commissioners i'm a member the communities and i came here for a hearing now it is 4:30 i want you to say i've fed my meter but i would appreciate from your attention. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> sir don't touch that bottom
4:46 am
that will open the door and delay the meeting. >> good afternoon, commissioners can i start. >> my name is mar, i work as a communities service center working he work with the filipino seniors i urge you to listen to the communities i attends san francisco state university and thankful for this fight because this is something my tuition is not paying for i'm not learning this in class why do we have to keep on fighting i'm tired of fighting those are the people we work for like there's communities meeting fog the seniors i see and it is like misinforming them a sense of bias because last commission meeting he was here past 12:00
4:47 am
they said they're here or here for - it's not clear they're being told they're getting senior housing not clearly stated in the internal revenue if we're to get the community benefits we need to state for who and when how are you going to get it this project needs more thought here we are giving to you i urge to support the continuance for you to lesson listen to this and thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is a robert i'm currently with the mission i'm here to bring
4:48 am
anything to y'all's attention didn't i didn't know so i got the history channel and find out all the valuable tricks is that filipinos have made to this communities you have a deficit board what's one thing wrong with taet every individual as a person what is wrong with letting the children play in a safe neighborhood what will happen in every single gets displaced from san francisco will call a job shed down in 90 san francisco not only hurts the 5m project but all developments in the city of san francisco and possible in the whole state of
4:49 am
california this state was betsy carmichael on immigrants this is probably a safe haven how can it be safe haven that if they can't - make good their promises they've made to the for father's at the time this all starltsdz years ago reduced the service they should oppose the filipinos that reduce to leave to be evicted what would happen if i sees with the big corporations you have to look at san francisco the lands is scarce most of lands is owned by the city but still the city has been letting the land go to the big money people they've informational about the people that built this communities we need affordable housing not in
4:50 am
the essence of affordable anybody making thirty or 20 over and over $50,000 a year we're talking about the young which were necessary need a foundation and a strong foundation to contribute to san francisco i thank you very much for our time and have a good day. >> hello thank you commissioners i'm a volunteer artist, educator and a residents art in the studio on 6th street and howard i'm here for continuance for the 5m push for december i'm concerned about the impact the long term impact of the 5 m project to the selma community particularly the filipino communities as people have mentioned selma is my home
4:51 am
you know when i walk down 6th street i don't feel uncomfortable that a near and dear topic i'm sorry i'm emotional i'm concerned this project has been going on for 8 years and the talks i've just learned about it recently and that's my main concern many people if the selma communities and in the filipino-american that don't know how this b will impact us and that is my main concern so with the demands that the folks have mentioned earlier i'm also in support of the demands for anti displacements stabilization for the filipino communities in the selma for this youth and seniors and families and also you know we would recycle to be recognized for our contributions to san
4:52 am
francisco by way of having heritage district thank you. >> good afternoon, everyone. commissioners i'm ben data the executive director of filipino-american foundation and the community center i come before you to support finalizing the filipino heritage south of market this is - hopefully, we'll continue this through september as i mentioned before my family my dad specifically dr. and my mom dr. escobar their doctors they worked with the filipino communities in 1979 and took their practice and bought the property at the corner of 6th street and mission where the
4:53 am
delta hotel was we sold the 0 property to a developer and we were able to negotiate to have the communities center thus began the work to start the district because of the population my family understood the importance of the development and the ownership in creating the district and it wasn't - it took the need to have the community be involved not just the building but the community be a part of community center and part of this - movement i wanted to reiterate the demands for this community and district with regards to establishing the district not merely be a name designation but so much to honor the contributions and the
4:54 am
filipinos that have working hard what do we want to see if in district a anti displacement that provides services including for the youth and seniors and families the anti displacement and stabilization prosecutes that services the communities an anti displacement stabilization including eviction protection and of new affordable housing land banking for affordable housing expansion of the filipino arts and clult and organizations to grow and stabilize their presence filipino language and clult integrated and a plan for all schools and the boundaries for the district should be finalized to clarify the resources and
4:55 am
there should be sustaining research for the identified filipino local heritage resources thank you. >> my name is sue hester the attorney forces smack the issues for dealing with the rezoning district around large buildings have a long history ♪
4:56 am
city what precipitateed the battle of chinatown came from the hotel and the adaptation of downtown plan soon after the downtown plan was do you want immediate efforts chinatown it was odd in chinatown tenderloin and south of market there were called to the neighborhoods and the neighborhoods really focus on how much building of theses right next to them a threat to the communities so rezoning in chinatown and the tenderloin and the south of market they were tough of reality because large buildings right next to you displace you my map over here he hope it coupe is a map that the planning department
4:57 am
prepared of this area and i wanted to show you the next sud that's coming mid market from 5 to 8th street is coming so we have basically right down to there nothing is going to be left kind of the minority building and this map is an example of threat that people feel you see all the housing this is housing this is a planning department zone map it convinces that you people from the filipino communities are scared out of their witnesses because this map should show you how many housing units are for the areas between fulsome and howard and mission street and they're the areas that is traditionally lower-income housing mostly filipino some - some everyone
4:58 am
else because south of market is very eclectic community and what you need to side is to take the next step the next step is to continue the hearing and give reductions to the developer the developer has to be sorrowing with how we're going to protects existing housing and in the south of market area the error your rezoning district is called the youth and family zone was part of your eastern neighborhoods plan your eastern neighborhoods plan created the youth and family zone and this was part of the very site you said was not downtown howard street
4:59 am
>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> okay. any more speakers after this next speaker if i can line up on that side of the room thank you. >> hi good afternoon. i'm chris from the veterans equality center and hoping the map starts anytime now i've received this today as you did i think this is quite telling can you put it up to get the whole circle oh, this is out of focus soy want to point out i think this is the telling part if you see the 5m parallel it is
5:00 am
humongous and all the parcels is the family zone those are the sizes of the parcels that's the impact this project is bringing to to neighborhoods we're concerned this is not to scale it will effect more than the cost of property that will effect the systems and who gets the services, how traffic all those impacts are not accounted this is what we're upset about the youth and family zone is not the greatest plan in the woodland we put it in the eardrums because when we were fighting against the developments the owners say we want certainties the community did, too that's why the youth and family zone it download the heights and this was agreed we feel it is something that
5:01 am
stabilized this community and something we've highlighted the fact there is a communities and many people don't know this as filipino communities if you look at those are not just housing but the sizes of nonprofits and artists space or, of community space but you saw how rich the rich communities that has come here and represented by this that's what we're concerned about i'm asking for a continuance i'd like to ask you to vote it this down, i know there's not an agreement we need your help in talking about that deeper before the trust of this community lastly a cough that of fast things open space a huge issue this should have been a separate issue but this would have been roved this is a huge issue the open space has promised 3 hours of sunshine
5:02 am
that 3 hours from 11 to one i'm b.c. been generous the rest of the time there's shade that's innovate of value to this neighborhood we would have no more value if they had the smaller see size in the 4 acre blocks think of the construction we could have had that would ha have trntd to this neighborhood. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon planning commission means and staff i'm mia the executive directors of communities artists stabilization transfuse as you may know cast tinsdz to partner with the 5 m and a new permanent home for local arts and cult in
5:03 am
the sfifksz the communities trust is a nonprofit organization that seeks to save preserve and create affordable space for artists organizations we support the local community by bringing in technical assistance and real estate expertise and we work with the arts at the center the community and economic development 5 m approached skaft for the 419187 building for the culture and 5 m will contribute in partial support for the construction costs if this received approval from the city our vision to insure that arts and relevant that the building can be an anchor to a thriving corridor from the downtown region of san francisco
5:04 am
the first essential steps in embarking on the vision to listen to and with work the existing cultural ecology communities and their needs to a series of individual and small group meetings we've begun this process with the fire extinguisher arts and communities nonprofits we expect f this might be a maybe a 6 to 12-month process of listening and dialoguing in order to discern the notices and craft a platinum to celebrate the arts and cultural heritage in the immediate neighborhood and the city inside and outside the building cast was created to sever as a shrd for the local arts and cultural we're not a prospectiveer or producer in closing cast plays the long game we're grouped in the belief a
5:05 am
permanent home is a unique practical solution for urban affordable lease hikes and 447 will be a permanent home for local arts and cultural for the city of san francisco thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is barbara rocking man, i'm i'd like to port this call for a continuance on the 5m project i ask microfilm was it must have been like to sit in our seats linking to tell you why 5 m is the best thing for the future with its benefits and others imploring you to put the marines on this project so their valid concerns of the entire community can be looked with more consideration you have to listen for hours for people
5:06 am
passionate about their positions i don't envy very you but ask to listen to the concerns as i listened to the opposing point of view my analysis is a sad situation with the exception of the developers i concluded there are no good and bad people everyone buildings their reasoning is valid and meaningful but many i might say most of the people speaking in favor the 5m project is doing so because the 5m project will be good for them, no question it will be good for them as they say they've been given or promised benefits that indeed will advance the agendas of their organizations not wrong that that it is in the best interest the organization but didn't mean it is in the best
5:07 am
interest the city or the selma communities as a whole which i began my opposition for personal reasons too much traffic and height and too much bulk in my neighborhood i became involved with the smack organization and is filipino communities i understand the relevant and personal outcomes o objections clearly i'm not filipino but now i know and care about people who are i've been moved by the plight of the community if this from him project is approved i'll be disrespecting the entire community if you vote to continue this may be approached in a more atheist full and
5:08 am
respectfully manner. >> hello, i'm a resident of the mission district all here standing in solidarity with the community please listen to the people hear their voices take the words to heart and say yes to the filipino heritage. >> yes. to the family zone and, yes to a continuance please no to developer crack for every tech job there are lower jacobs we need 84 units please listen to the community and grant a tubs having a nonprofit space will not help if there is no communities left thank you for your time. >> hi, i'm laura clark here with grow sf and you've heard a
5:09 am
boil arguments why this should be passed and flawed arguments not to pass this but my large argument this process is a nightmare and no more continuance you guys have been presented with every argument you need to make your decision and make that decision the piecemeal is jammed up and the more continuances the longer everything takes and is more we continue this housing crisis if we don't create enough housing for people moving to san francisco we'll exacerbate this crisis yes maybe density in fill bonuses we can change the percentage the money that goes to affordable housing those are all fantastic legislative agendas that's not what we're discussing we're deciding whether or not this meets the
5:10 am
requirement by the city of san francisco and whether or not this project is it going to add to the housing we so desperately need 90 in san francisco i beg i to make a decision no more continuances say no we can't continue to just say how about 6 months from now how 6 months that includes the small projects you're adding years into people lives it is a pain people are miss everything no one wanted to be here make a decision thank you (clapping.) and and good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, of the commission i'm mark i'm heard to read a whatever from maria a filipino-american a single mother of 3 a third generation
5:11 am
selma residents because i work i couldn't attend the hearing i've asked someone to read this i've asked to support this 5 m project it is needed in those scary times it give us urging needed avenue if it weren't for 5 m my family and children would have suffered homelessness my 80-year-old grandparents fully support this project we've sown how the project sponsors give to the neighborhood i'm familiar with the site mostly parking lots leaving it as it is b will not help the housing crisis but only serve those who won't see the bigger picture i i don't think so who the housing crisis is at its worse it addresses a chronic
5:12 am
shortage of parks and employment opportunities in san francisco my family our families are filipino families emancipation proclamation famentsz urge you and beg to you approve that this is the kind of development it selma and san francisco needs when all said or done families are left to look at at sides do we worry wind and shadows or putting shelters over children's heads thank you and i urge your support. >> commissioners i'm don falk from the tenderloin corporation tndc we own a receiver site if that sense we'll house hundred of people i want to encourage you to understand we're stewards of communities owned assets this is what is important about avenue, i i don't want to talk
5:13 am
about that but the board issues of affordable housing tndc was founded 35 years ago to fight displacement so this is in our dna there is something really important to learn from the tenderloin experiences we and our agencies have developed and now own 25 percent of neighborhood housing stock those are not only for lower-income people but affordable in person up to the time owning land and building a permanently affordable housing is the best long term strategy to address displacement but it can't be done without resources we could build so much more if we had resources and we're not the only one's the 5 m project is not the
5:14 am
answer it is one source for us to employ this long term strategy to address the crisis of displacement in san francisco my hope is it the 5 m project that is rich array not only of housing money but community benefits sets the standard for every big project that comes through san francisco what we should be doing looking at looking under every stone and rock to generate the resources in order to build permanently affordable housing for all people thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm jamie whitaker living in the south of market recidivism i wanted to take a
5:15 am
moment to support my filipino neighbors in asking for a continuance to be a little bit more discussion to help to ease their fears you you know that south of market feels xoitsd we've accepted a lot of growth no other part of town with 6 foot residential towers i think we're having other parts of the city not willing to go bother 40 feats the parks there is only .17 acres of park for thousands of people in 2010 we're alexander shadows to build bigger parks innovate a good idea the biscuit problem i have with the 5m is why i oppose it is
5:16 am
addressing hundreds of thousands of square feet of office space we've got a net influx of a hundred and 20 thousand people coming out the city no plan for the bart transbay number 2 or plan for there's no plan to relieve gridlock i live above the bridge the practicing those knows that article 37 in the health codes thank you very much for passing it requires ventilation units be installed in the building being built in the south of market the air conditioning is so bad from the vehicles sitting there id el we have the worse asthma among kids check the riffling resources and lots of issues i don't want to see more office but more housing
5:17 am
the entire area should be hours in the 5m project the folks that live in south of market in general don't need to drive they can bicycle or take transit i recognize that there is a good number of you appoint by that the mayor and can't make up your own mind please try to today him lives are at stake your decreasing people's lives by building office in a area that has bad air pollution thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi my name is or moody work for a nonprofit in the impact hub it is located in the chronicle building right what i this site is going to be built i'll personally suffer the impacts i'll not been able to see views more traffic in the area and i'm okay with that, i
5:18 am
thinks that this project is betters for the area and the city i said that whatever minor amount u amounts of shadows are out weighed by preferring important nonprofits by united players and a tremendous amount of market rate housing and you communities benefits the speaker talked for example of air pollution that is horrible i agree the only way to reduce air pollution moving parking lots in the city i think this is absurd to say i want to cause less congestion because of the transit this commission is voting to southern proposals for the impact fees these are wonderful you guys literally have the conversation we're working on the issue that is part of this component let's talk about the issues people
5:19 am
brought up we need certain amounts of affordable housing because of the amounts of jobs everyone know that nexus studies is based on if we don't build market rate housing none will come to the city everyone thank goodness not true the market rate housing will be absorbed by those folks in fact, ted el e egging gone found out 95 percent of folks move into existing housing this argument is not true not only that ted egons reports said that building the market rate housing will decrease the lands he measured that you can look at the day and laugh all you want but actually measures the data and look at it what happens and make your own
5:20 am
assumptions jokes and making fun of me, i'm a nerd i'm boring i know but that is important work that is necessary for all of us thank you. >> oh, there's some tuff up here hello, i'm living and working in the south of market he we have to leave early i have kids i - i guess - i have lived no selma for the past 15 years the community is not against this project the community is not in agreement that is okay. it is okay to disagree and have
5:21 am
divers of differences of opinions selma a changed we work to make sure we still have a place there by incorporating both what is going on and making it incorporate with us as well i'm a member the group that fought for the selma youth and example in the selma zone and has no enforceable requirements we again get it my teeth that was a mistake but we dreams about intentions like affordable housing investments in the school, investments in programs and workforce the open space this is dedicating the resources i feel like i'm no a twenty light zone i never thought i'd like agree with spur it may not happen again, it is hard to be
5:22 am
on the opposite side of people you love we should agree to disagree and i don't feel back bad about being in this position i'm speaking with my heart and love and been engaged in the process since 2008 forest has sit into the community and seven years i don't think any other project that takes this long it behooves me fast track fast track my partners is filipino and my children are filipino but selma is larger than the filipino xhuvents i love that pie brothers and sisters in that communities the selma community is much larger as i said last time it takes the hood to save the hood i want to talk about
5:23 am
backdoor funds we're not in this for there, there will be a rfp process we don't have to be deficit i'm open to puc with everyone here in the overflow room in the chambers today let's talk about that it shouldn't be so emotional i vote to not delay the project. >> good afternoon. my name is a dining i'm with the selma action committee and so moved came this is what happens with you choose development over communities planning what happened today approval become political instead of looking at the overall effects to the communities especially those who
5:24 am
are most vulnerable ellis act owner monarch in and rental unit is not stable housing sros are bought all over the city. >> excuse me. >> they'll close on their own. >> they'll automatically open the door. >> do mia favor slide that table so none can stand perfect. >> yeah. she'll get times back thank you. >> this is what happens with you choose development agreements over community planning you have a distortion of facts to serve political goals support in the community is being bought and sold communities are torn
5:25 am
no consensus can be researched and for what forest city get a huge increase inland with no requirement to build no guarantees that this is tied to the building in the current proposal 8 and a half onsite affordable for over 6 hundred luxury and a massive office building is that really enough will that really help the selma communities which staff perch and depth do we go to if we have a complaint if those are not realized where's the scheduling for affordability have we learned nothing in tndc and merced they replace the open space with no building over shadowing them and towers look
5:26 am
swished in the what happens which you chose development over communities planning the years of civic participation that created the youth and family zones the western selma and the eastern neighborhoods plan and the central selma plan get thrown out the window you wonder why political apathy now you support in filipino heritage district because it sounds good but ignore or ignore the people that is what happens when you choose development agreements over community planning your approving business plans that are not sound over 6 hundred thousand square feet of office with no major tenants $66 for an office how many businesses in san francisco, california really afford that if this happens in the selma our
5:27 am
neighborhood is next continue the projectile december thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm a.d. you can't district attorney with the filipino heritage disconnect in the 1990s which the city was trying to establishment the south of market i went to a meeting he over heard a staff person that continues to say the only blight in selma to the people 12 years later it is actually going on stanley was research how much it it involves other people specifically how ordinary people can be influence within the lab studies 65 people
5:28 am
knowingly tabbed the subject the subject s 66 percent of population regardless of time you have to regard the staff to spending the last seven years indirectly a developer to work outside with a proposal that is significantly different that requires an sud the project makes on a attempt to contribute to the family zone it put a 3 hundred and 50 office tower in at youth and family zone and the filipino heritage detect in which it is linked it doesn't work as it is tonight e supposed to do it touts itself to serving the knowledge workers of the future staff not the marketing part but staff of the planning department have not metabolic community to
5:29 am
talk but us we've had the marketing department of 5 m all of seven years without the staff and mayor will tell you this project must continue there project is essential it continues that i have no other choice you have a vote you can yes or no you can push the bottom or not this is not manifest destiny if i approve this you'll contribute to the racism and the resulting displacement of people of color in the city that will your courage staff to continue in scombrpt scombrapt and the mission and excelsior and others communicates of color this this will not happen in the marina i ask you to think p that rec and park not just g about the park
5:30 am
but this shadows of jessie street and turk street and eddy and others which you say no to no more shadows you support my walk to work not just about the park you have a part your in charge thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> commissioners joseph commissioner president dwight board from the santa monica cam we want to note that a couple of planning commissioners worked hard and on behalf of the communities we very much appreciated that and how hard it is to face the decision before you although if you look at the policies it should be simple number one i've worked as a developer in the city and want
5:31 am
to highlight one of the developments that was in the bruno heights we had a split zoning when we went to planning and said we have a split rezoning it is in the special use district in the bruno heights but what accident planning tell you we talked to the people and found out thirty how to ply we actually had greater consistent benefits hundred percent onsite affordable housing childcare you can shake your a hundred commissioner antonini but by the built that project and not only does that respect the special use district imply had to build a separate building a two units building in the special use with a letter in the intent of this special use district we met with the neighbors and feud their
5:32 am
constraint and planning supported us if not tells you to create our own special use district we provided that toy i wanted to say that when you look at the egon report eave focused on this would ted let's take it a face value the new housing brings down property values by the price of rental and overflow room housing goes up or goes up what does that mean the petted i didn't old housing is driving up costs when you look at the map that sue hester showed it showed the housing south of market guess what it will be demolished you're looking at policies trying to bring down housing costs by building now housing it didn't work we asked forest city
5:33 am
in a public meeting and south of market about when there were projecting thirty thousand new units at mayor proposed the project is part of that are at the projecting housing costs go down no they'll be at least with the cost of inflation added to it. >> hi my name is rupert i work in the financial district and live in the intends puts on art fence in south of market and the studio i am a member of my community when i heard 5 m speak at one the town hall type of deals i didn't thinks what we were talking about and they say they work with the
5:34 am
communities and talked to people in the communities i talked to people in the contingency i used to go to the restaurant and asked her, she lived in the mid mall you guys know where this is at there's 5 m or they're going to give her money she didn't understand when i heard 5 m speak i didn't know so moved cam presented what was going on we understood there was going going to be a lot of displacement if 5 m go through if what knowledge says can't be trained to those carriers and people that serve us us in the malls then the rest the community won't be able to understand that if 5 m fwlos goes through we'll not have the filipino-american community it
5:35 am
is so rich around us not only the people in the mid mall those owe they work two to three jobs and soup kitchen in the mall where are they going to go if they don't live there i fully support the communities call for continuance for the 5m project. >> any - >> i'm from the filipino students if state of. >> i'm julian from the filipino communities center. >> i support the community calls for a continuance to december for the 5m project the 5 m project will completely general, if any, the neighborhood and make rents skyrocket and cause more evictions and driving up the small businesses and the nonprofits serve the community
5:36 am
like the filipino community center. >> developers are supposed to provide more than the basement of affordable housing this provides 8 and a half percent when the city is 12 percent somewhere in the same house, same call? not the sud area and on to site where the developer will not build those units the city has the option to build affordable housing somewhere else the development and the youth sud is as opposed to be at a low density to anytime misses the impacts on the xhufrnts. >> developments are supposed to comment to 20 percent two bedrooms are 20 percent 3 bedrooms and 3 - it will not talk about those units. >> all developments are
5:37 am
supposed tomato misses the sunlight and minimize the shadow rec and park facilities other open spaces this project does exactly the opposite thank you is there any additional public comment again anyone else after this line up on this does it will think helpful. >> go ahead. >> could you make sure. okay thank you good afternoon, commissioners my name is angelina i'm with the south of market communities action network definitely there is still a lot of debates about this project is really good for the communities; right? especially myself i had to sit down and really analyze is the
5:38 am
development agreement enough to say this is what you're community needs you know is $74 million enough to actually help our community and after analyzing those and also the development agreement it came to a point no, it is not and the reason is the detrimental project to this communities is not enough money to replace that for example, there is over 22 hundred people residents of filipinos within a 4 block radius of this project that doesn't include the other lower-income people living in the area who is going to be indirectly displaced because of this development the 674 millions will address the problem it was created by the developments that was put in
5:39 am
this community 10 years ago to might the impacts over the 7 hundred new people that will be bracket in by this new development not going to address the existing problems we're dealing with right now yes, we're under the housing crisis we all know that we've seen it in the neighborhood but that didn't mean we can't build how way you thought housing crisis it didn't mean that getting fee subsidies from luxury condos will help the housing stock it means this 5 m is goourg or u you're going to add more people in the displacement category they're going to have more people come to our doors to excuse for help to find housing for their families that are
5:40 am
force to get buyouts they'll never find the same rents and more people in our offices stress out crying why it this happening to them i've seen it i seen it yesterday and happening distancing that is the legacy you're all going to leave in our communities that is the legacy that this project is going to have so, please continue it thank you. >> is there any public comment speakers. >> hi, i'm from just a of justice inform we're a coalition of 27 different member organizations including labor unions and communities groups and you you know we represent nurses and teachers, we
5:41 am
represent janitors, security guards and retail workers the people that make this city run rights we've gotten activity because those few weeks needs somewhere they can afford to live your concern you build this place where will those folks and our folks live after this is built we all know another issues with the jobs need to be just want updated we need to find the impacts can be mitigated it not adequate we need a continuance and also, we all right have an existing plan for f this district we should respect the youth and family sud this is what san francisco noeldz a place for young people and families and this is what we're defenders here this is what is at stake in
5:42 am
this neighborhood so for the workers of the san francisco and the communities members of san francisco i urge you to continue this thank you. >> good evening. i'm lauren i'm been a resident of san francisco for 6 years i've worked in the selma and the tenderloins for of years i'm asking for a continuance of the 5 m project i have met so many families in san francisco homeless families families bowers homelessness and i'm asking you to continue this project so we can have a communities led process this project is not going to benefit the people most impacted by the housing crisis i'll asking you to prioritize human
5:43 am
development and prioritize people that are impacted to build the leadership and fourth what is best for the communities and halt this luxury building. >> is there any additional public comment after this speaker anyone else okay. those couple of seblgz with 2 hundred speakers plaques a big difference and i'm amy as a student i joined a class in filipino history y where i got to visit the south of market i learned about the vibrant filipino community in selma and it is a home for working-class and seniors i found out about the grassroots organizations nonprofit institutions and small businesses that make this area a driving communities the 5 m project as proposed is a threat to this communities
5:44 am
what the selma needs not a development that pushed out community members but the real plan to recognize the contribution of working-class family and share their protected from eviction and displacement we ask you to listen to the community members using with the filipino immigrants that were forced out their, their country and the people of selma by not approving the 5m and giving me more time toe hear the concerns please protect the people and not be blinded by the money our lives have not worth any amount of dollars please respect us thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> nominees a rick a resident of potrero hill i've got a studio
5:45 am
on the street but some years ago but i love the selma too i guess you know i'm here to ask you to respect the communities and give them some more time to work on this what i'd like to ask you to just disapprove that gnaws you know plans are plans and zoning is zoning and you know i'm constantly told even though i was not involved i have to live with the results of eastern neighborhoods plan and you know basically it is obsolete it is a disaster the greedy got their goods and still is and the neighborhood got screwed impacts and no benefits so i'm told he have to live with the plans and with the zoning but somehow even though there are plans and zoning here in
5:46 am
selma oh, well we'll spot zone this and create a lot of goodies and money for the greedy and through some things to make people go away and spot zone anything we don't have work with the communities i don't understand how decisions like this spots zoning with destroying an areas plan or - or even with the purview of the ci city. >> my name is e mama member of the studio which is a filipino professionalism arts theatre in the district i'll keep this brief and reads something
5:47 am
quickly none shall be projected to the or write it interim or coordinated more to attacks honor or reputation everyone has the right to the wlks of the lay against such interference or trader joe's this is article 12 the declaration from the united nations and all wear asking for a continuance and anything short of that any further imsummons is really not a stretch to consider that a violation of human right thank you. >> eject one big group of younger speakers here? ready. >> one person get up and speak. >> my name is alex from the
5:48 am
development center as well as the studios from what way catch i'm in support for the continuance for that the 5m question definitely are demanding an anti displacement for the organization if provides services to the communities and we demand an anti displacement stabilization plan for the customer service of the community and demand a plan for the filipino residents including evictions and construction of new affordable housing and los angeles banking for affordable housing and whatnot this effects the selma we're from the d l it will effect the t l the main thing we're going to show solidarity for the selma whatever we can do thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> is that the group or what. >> is there any additional public comment ongoing seeing
5:49 am
none, public comment is closed and opening up to commissioners and jonas. >> mr. i'll recommend that the planning commission actually take up the certification of the environmental review and next on the joint action and the separate rec and park on two d and so i would strongly recommend that orders you'll help us out along the way and next in order anything on the agendas. >> at the least certify i will recommend second floor the environmental impact or consideration. >> commissioner richards okay.
5:50 am
a vast majority of the folks want a continuance so i'd like to ask the folks to come up and talk about the continuance please. >> hold on. >> so in order to get a continuance you need 4 of the 7 of us; right? >> i mentioned a december dates i'm throwing it out there before now and december what exactly will you do to warrant 4 converges to vote for a continuous you continuance you have to convince us. >> while you're thinking the preliminary thing we haven't
5:51 am
seen a patrol what it looks like per the zoning ends that entails a lot of components and now you're shaking your heads commissioner antonini we'd like to see if we design the site that is what months discrepancies developers will do so. >> one point it is 22 parcels; right? and across two different zoning districts would that a task because you're not sure exactly what projects will come out of 2 it sites this is spin out of control or an exercise in futility. >> not because the developers look at those opportunities and enough scale to be able to look at each piece and fourth what could be developed and the class a office space is $60 a square
5:52 am
foot and a term landers developing the amendment last year to this hearst's corporation there ca is a lot to be developed. >> december. >> we've been working with the staff for the central selma and expressed we are expanding the selma youth families and seniors special use district from pittsburgh it's 12 block radius from 2008 to the zoning areas so this is gone of the things we're working on we're hoping to have the central selma before this project but that is not the case we're hoping to want to work on the
5:53 am
special use district separately to make sure that we capture the youth and families and seniors living in the area will benefit from this project versus being displaced by it. >> also i think you've heard about the filipino social heritage district and we want that for continuance so we can have time to really and the planning to talk about the filipino social heritage district people have talked about the anti displacement i believe stabilization funds those are ideas that can be put in the filipino heritage district and in the zoning district but for us we really need a continuance for that we can further think or a community
5:54 am
enough timing for the filipino heritage district this is has been long overdue i mean. >> thank you. >> i just want to add yes not a stronger youth and family zone that's not the communities fault that is. >> - >> we need that kind of supports from the city and we're asking for that again. >> great, thank you to be fair we've had a lot of people get up and say seven years this has been going on a year and month this is my fifth meeting why at the ends are we hearing y what is it about the continuance. >> i'm reading four votes. >> i have a emotional question i have a question for you will have us not a lot of disclose
5:55 am
there is no we're engaged with the commission and thought those meetings were basically going to result in the combats shaping the project it came out in october of last year didn't look like what we were discussing so it's been a lot work we've been commenting on the project and engaging with others communities members we're asking for your hope for the continuance all along the process our input is not been take into consideration so this is what we're trying to get the developers to listen to us. >> thank you very much i appreciate it i have one question for the project sponsor please love to hear your see we've heard the contingency side. >> yeah. >> average progress.
5:56 am
>> the engagement process started in 2009 we had a series of focus groups before we started massing that was important to understand the principles that are i take it there have what peep wanted to see and we are by that time balancing that with the density near major transit and so how to respond to the communities and how to build the rights project to add did density and cereal we them introduce a series of it active and around 2011 we start to develop some massing so at this point we showed the maps and studies didn't have the architecture at this point only trailed the makings studies in those conversations we didn't hear a lot of focus on height or public benefits and affordability we then, of
5:57 am
course, are went through 9 process when cape as a technical item we reordinary it around the changed massing and cute of the process and had the architecture process and initial public benefit last november since then we used the preservation alternatives we are heard there was too much density from the communities we had many sxhfgz of people that were in dialogue with us and open to anyone that wanted those conversations do you take down height and take down a building and add marrow height we added more and more open space as a sxhunts benefit this is what you've experience. >> could you talk about the divide and conquer strategy and
5:58 am
question don't intend to have a divided and conquer but what happens you know out and people have to make decisions more themselves, of course, there is a different process and people had differences of opinions this is not a strategy just a reality of where the project is but we do, of course, have quite a bit accord as well. >> thank you very much just to be fair tattoos communities and the developer and hear how the commission generally feels all to make a move to continue this and see if you're convincing enough to the four commissioners and i second that. >> commissioner johnck's is there any specific date for a continuance to. >> we'll pick the communities
5:59 am
december 10th. >> very good commissioners. >> that is just to the planning commission and yes. well essentially continue everything do the certification. >> correct. >> shall i call that question. >> can we separate the commission votes. >> no what do you mean we have to act on the certification before we move. >> from the chair agrees. >> oh, i was- your on you're on. >> commissioner antonini hang on. >> commissioner johnson. >> sorry. >> yeah. sorry i was thinking for a second i want you to call the question i don't know that i could do that just yet i--i don't know i guess the reasoning why they're not a continuance not kwindz i mean i
6:00 am
have to voted no, but valid things to do in the next 3 months i've not heard it i'll have to vote no if you call the question. >> commissioner antonini. >> i'm definitely voting no, it didn't make sense after 8 years in serious considerations we put at risk this is completely privately done xadz cap & trade you know by continuing we may jeopardizes the few minutes and the other things this project brings forward for the continuance like the heritage district maybe a good thing has to do with and none can guarantee whether or not this is displacement or not i can't ask that this is about the


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